Pressed jerky

Today all I can find is “natural” sliced whole-muscle jerky, and while I recognize that’s a good thing, sometimes I get a hankering for pressed jerky, you know that old-school stuff with more than a passing resemblance to shoe leather, both in taste and texture.

I don’t even know why I liked that shit, I know it’s terrible, and made from ground meat so there’s probably quite a bit of beef nose and anus and a whole lot of unappetizing crap from in between, not to mention whatever they use as filler (actual shoe leather, perhaps? ;)), but I don’t really care about that.

Does anyone still produce pressed jerky?

This is my go-to for processed meats:

For the good stuff, this is the only thing I will buy:

Peppered. Holy cow, is it good. Not too salty, not vinegary, not sweet. Just pure manliness in a bag.

My sister makes great “pressed” jerky. She grinds the meats herself, flavors it and extrudes it with a cookie press. Dries it in a food dehydrator. It’s not too difficult, she says. But then, she has all the tools - meat grinder, cookie press, dehydrator. She also grinds her flour fresh before she bakes bread.


If you are anywhere near a Coborn’s store, they have a smokehouse meats line that has the pressed jerky.

Thanks. Not planning to make it out to Minnesota anytime soon, but I’ll keep that in mind if ever I’m in the area!