Pretty much any white person who votes who isn't a liberal is a republican? What does that fortell

Multiply those numbers and you get 18.25% of voters are white liberals. Since whites were 71% of voters in 2016, that means about 26% of all white voters are liberals.

Hillary Clinton won 37% of the white vote, vs 57% for Trump. 6% for other candidates.

So, does that mean that only 11% of whites who voted and who aren’t liberals, still voted for the democratic candidate? Pretty much any white person who isn’t a liberal is a republican now?

Am I reading this wrong, or has the GOP managed to win virtually all white voters except white liberals?

If so, is there any more room for the GOP to gain among white voters? Can they pull that remaining 11% of voters who are white, not liberals, and who still voted democrat?

Can democrats win if the only white voters they have are liberals, and all other whites (the other 3/4 of them) are mostly all republicans?

Who’s defining what a liberal is? I’ve seen a lot of conservatives who define every Democrat to be a liberal. So all that’s really saying is that every white person who votes who isn’t a Democrat is a Republican.

I’m a white person. A white man in his fifties from a very rural background. I don’t consider myself a liberal or a conservative. I consider myself to be a moderate. So I vote for Democrats because I don’t see any moderates left in the Republican party while I feel moderates are still the majority of the Democratic party.

The Republicans once had a liberal wing, but that pretty much vanished around the time of Nixon. After that all Republican voters were conservative or moderate.

The Republicans haven’t had a moderate wing since about the time of Next Gingrich. A few minor pockets remain, but it’s no longer true that as Maine goes so goes the nation.

Therefore, the vast majority of Republican voters are - and have been for the past quarter century - conservatives. Traditional conservatives, as seen in the writings of the never-Trumpers, are now the far-left wing of the party.

You don’t have to look into the future to see what that foretells. We’ve been living it. All those under their mid-40s have never voted in a different political environment. The utter hysteria of conservatives at having to face an America in which whites are a minority has been the driving force of modern conservative politics and will continue to be.

I’m basing it off the pew typology study (which changes year to year, so take what you want from it).

However if that is accurate, about 26% of white voters are liberals. Which means virtually every white person who isn’t a liberal now identifies as a republican.

You’re reading it wrong. You are equating “solid liberals/Democrats” with “liberals”. Also, you are assuming that this poll maps onto the voting demographic perfectly. It may map to a degree, but there is no reason to think it maps perfectly.

As others have said, it depends heavily on what exactly a liberal is. There are people who claim that Hillary Clinton is heavily liberal, for instance, and at the same time there are those who claim she is no liberal at all, or even a conservative.

I would have a hard time believing that 89% of non-liberal whites vote Republican, though. Maybe something like 70-75%.

I’d think that “who votes” is the operative phrase here.

Yeah, I didn’t see anywhere in the link that referred to “liberals” without a modifier. They only talk about “Solid Liberals” as one particular category (as opposed to, for example, “Opportunity Democrats”).

Well I know I’m white and not a liberal and not Republican. I even voted for HRC, despite her large number of shortcomings. Wasn’t the numbers much different for Obama than HRC.

I think we need to a few more election before we declare the op corrrect.

Here’s what’s happening: the Republican party under Trump is not just going after the white vote - if it were just that, this wouldn’t be so potentially explosive. George W Bush courted the white vote. Barack Obama courted the white vote.

What’s different about the GOP under Trump is that they’re not just going after the white vote; they’re trying to sell an overwhelming majority of all white voters - Republican, Independent, Libertarian, or whatever - on America being a white nation. That aspect is not always evident now, but it will be the longer this scourge continues to exist.

Again, think about what we’re seeing. In the minds of Republicans, politics and economics are a zero-sum game. “Others” can’t make gains unless whites lose. That’s what the underlying message of 2016 was all about. That’s Bannonism. That’s Stephen Millerism. That’s Sebastian Gorkaism. That’s Trumpism. The Republican party is getting smaller and smaller, which means that there has to be a glue that binds the party together and compels them to vote passionately for a cause. And that cause is white Christian nationalism. It’s not 100% white. It’s not 100% Christian. But it’s enough to galvanize their legions.

A movement like this can’t just exist symbolically; it seeks real power to oppress and subjugate others who are in their way. As they are an increasingly smaller and more fragile political force in terms of numbers, they understand fully the necessity to acquire disproportionate power and leverage. Removing polling stations in Southern states isn’t just a political trick; it’s the first step in a return to Jim Crow. But it won’t end there. They don’t want to mute people of color but all critics.

There has been a Real America mentality floating around for decades. Maybe it’s always been there. But the idea is that there’s a core of Real Americans and then there’s a bunch of people who technically live in this country but somehow aren’t part of Real America. It’s the mentality that says America is a Christian Nation - so Jews and Muslims and Buddhists and Hindus and atheists aren’t really a part of America. It’s the mentality that says Americans speak English. It’s the mentality that says a family living on a farm in Iowa is somehow more authentically American than a family living in an apartment in Manhattan or Los Angeles.

As I’ve said, the mentality has been around for quite a while and there have always been politicians happy to appeal to Real Americans and tell them how they’ll defend Real American values from those “others”. But in the last ten or twenty years, it seems the mentality has become more active. Now there is a movement to make it real. To concentrate political power and voting rights into the hands of Real Americans and reduce everyone in this country who isn’t a Real American to second-class citizenship. Or maybe get rid of them altogether.

America is a country that was founded on white, male, landowner supremacy. That is a fact that everyone needs to accept, full stop. The American story is full of tributes to John Locke and the Enlightenment, but the reality is that the American state was borne of racism. And this racism, this exclusiveness, has been, for the majority of our existence, a feature and not a bug.

America today is a tale of two Americas fighting itself. The America of the 20th Century, which tried to make the Constitution and the idea of an American nation apply to all, or the “originalist” Constitution that was a document that legitimized oligarchy.

Our generation - you and me - are now confronted with the great challenge, the challenge that confronts us once in a century. It is up to us, each and every one, to let it be known that the only state which we, as citizens, shall recognize is an egalitarian one.

Jesus, I’m not looking forward to that guy showing up. Previous Gingrich was bad enough.

I didn’t check OP’s arithmetic. Instead … I just learned right now that PewResearch.Org allows its raw data to be downloaded! (after a “cooling-off” period.) I just downloaded “Political Typology 2017 Survey conducted June 8-18 and June 27-July 9, 2017,” and may download some more databases while I’m there. (It must be easier to work with than the WVS data.) Maybe I’ll dust off my aging brain, find my old Karhunen–Loève software in a dusty disk folder, and present the (drum roll, please) American Eigenvoters! :slight_smile:

But one thing stands out strikingly in summaries.

“Non-liberal” seems frighteningly ambiguous. Let’s look at the numbers when the word is replaced with “Male.” (I hope I’m not accused of misogyny for this — Au contraire, sign my name to the petition to rescind male suffrage.) Disclaimer: I found these numbers here, which cites CNN exit polls, and didn’t double-check with Pew’s numbers.

More than twice as many white males voted for Trump as voted for Clinton. That’s ‘Twice’ with a ‘T.’ Pick three white American males at random — two of them picked the orange sociopath over the earnest woman. And this is despite that 90%* of male Democrats (whether white or not) voted for Clinton.) (* - As before, I’ve adjusted these percentages to exclude those who voted for neither Trump nor Clinton.)

And among white males without a college degree — WARNING: Get some Kleenex®, you may want to cry — 76%* voted for Donald Trump. Seventy-six Percent, more than 3 in 4.

I spent much of my life in a Northern Californian bubble, conversing mainly with educated people. Lately the white Americans I contact are a more diverse group. I’ve learned not to discuss politics.

I’m afraid I may need to retract my insult against WVS. The Pew downloads provide a mish-mash mess with the raw results in .SAV files. I’d never heard of .sav but obviously Google has:

Help? I didn’t plan on yet another detour. The “American Eigenvoter” project is on hold until/unless a kind Doper hints at how to convert .sav into, say, comma-separated data.