Preventing ingrown toenails

Okay, I’ve been pretty busy and got away fromt his place, but had one problem I figured you guys could help with.

 I stubbed toe a while back and split my left big toenail.  Not bad - maybe a third of the way down, and only about a quarter of the w3ay over; it may have been developing a tiny split anyway.

So, I tried to keep that piece from breaking off for a few days, hoping I coudl do it till the right corner of the toe grew out enough to not become ingrown, but it finally broke off last night. Now, being legally blind I can’t see it for sure, but I may just be feeling the edge of this toenail. So, my qquestion is, am I at risk for an ingrown toenail? Or is the break not far enough down to worry about? If I am at risk, is there a way to prevent it. Pushing the skin once in a while so it doesn’t start to cover up the opening or something?

Or am I just being way too analytical about this and I should just let it grow naturally? Indeed, i don’t even know, maybe they don’t get ingrown till you get down really far toward the cuticle.

See your doctor - ingrown toenails are quite common.
It doesnt take much to create them. If you dont keep them at a certain length or if you dont cut them properly, they probably will ingrow.