Pricing announced for PS3

So today at E3, Sony announced the pricing for the PS3. Launch date in November, worldwide. Cost: $499 with a 20GB hd, $599 with a 60GB. Source: Kotaku

You know, I’m a pretty serious gamer, been burning up my DS like crazy. But I just can’t see paying those prices for a console system. That’s a starter computer with monitor that can be still upgraded easily. Just seems way out of line to me.

Well, this just confirms that I won’t be getting a PS3.

Still looking at a PS2, though.

That pretty much finalizes my decision that my first console since the NES will be the Wii.

Well, now. Good thing I’m single.

Since FFXIII and KHIII wont be out for years I’ve got time on my side.

Stop calling it that! You’re only encouraging them. Next thing you know it’ll be called the Nintendo Zoooooombox.

That’s not all, the $500 version also lacks the built-in WiFi, memory stick/SD/CF slots, and HDMI output. cite

Also, the X360 might even get a price drop between now and then. (Completely OT: I hope MS’s repair center actually sends me a replacement that works this time)

Yeah, that confirms nothing so much as the fact that I’ll just go and pick up a cheap PS2 this summer instead of waiting on the PS3. That’s pretty crazy.

Amen. It’s like Sony’s forgetting what happened to Sega when they launched the Saturn at $399 against the Playstation. $499 for the barebones package is pricing themselves out of the market, and Sony can’t afford that with the number of eggs in the PS3 basket.

Microsoft will cut the XBox 360 price by November, even if they have to take a slightly bigger loss, just to undercut Sony. I’d be surprised if you can walk into a Best Buy in November without having to scale an Aggro Crag-like mountain of XBox 360 Premium boxes.

Well, it looks like my change jar plan for saving for the PS3 will get me probably less than a third of the way to the cheaper one. Poo.

At least by the time I’ve saved all that money I’ll know whether it’s actually worth it. How much will the games be going for? Because saving change is a slow process.

I’m looking to get rid of my PS2 since I never use it anymore.

I have 8 games I think, 2 controllers, the DVD remote and a memory card. All this can be had for $100.

It’s value as a backup DVD player keeps me from letting it go for peanuts.

Given the price of the PS3, I’d be crazy to sell it for less, even crazier to buy a PS3.

So, will Blu-Ray (BluRay?) DVDs look appreciably better on an old-school 32" CRT TV? If so, I don’t imagine this will be much more than a HD-DVD or Blu-Ray player and PS2 would be if you bought them both. It’s still a huge chunk of change, though. :frowning:

Sony has lost me as a potential customer.

If the Wii is halfway decent and reasonably priced, I’ll get it. If not, I may just get a PS2 instead – gotta have something to play these PS1 discs I still have…

Absolutely insane. I expected a stiff price for the PS3, but this is just BONKERS. The real rub is that they’re going to have the killer franchises - MGS4, FFXIII, the next Grand Theft Auto - but at what cost?!

I must say I regret selling my xbox now. I don’t have enough for ps3 or 360. And finally there are some cool games for xbox…Damnit.

Wow, that’s just… wow.
I had expected a prize like this for the premium all bells and whistles version, but for the barebones version?
I hope for Sony’s sake that they will sell a lot of these in Japan, because otherwise come this time next year, there won’t be a Sony left.
They have been hemmoraging (I spelled it wrong, I know) money for years now, and the only thing keeping them afloat is the Playstation line-up.

I am probably still going to buy one, but then again, I am crazy like that.
But it will have to be a big step up from the Xbox360.

What a joke. I treat my electronics well and I’ve had nothing but trouble from Sony equipment (a receiver that goes into “protect” mode randomly, a 2 month old laptop with a bad backlight, and I’ve gone through TWO PS2’s, each having problems reading discs). If I decide to upgrade to a next gen, it’s going to be a 360.

The Xbox360 also isn’t without problems, to say the least.
Just google around for the problem people are having with Oblivion.
Oblivion caches to harddrive and does this so aggresively that the disc gets too hot.
This causes scratches in the disc.
Bethesda is pointing the finger to Microsoft and Microsoft isn’t doing anything about it.
It looks like you are better off waiting a few generations until they get the heat-buildup problems under control.

I remember back in the day, when I first heard of the PS3 and the Revolution (Wii? What the hell is that? I can’t hear you, nah nah…), I thought, of course I’ll get the PS3! It’ll be more expensive, sure, but it’ll be so much better! Now there’s really nothing that makes the PS3 more enticing than the new Nintendo console. Time magazine just did an interesting piece on the Nintendo one. I read that it’ll be priced at $249 (although that is just a rumor).
Oh, and the Kotaku article also mentioned that the PS3 controller will have some sort of internal gyroscope type thingy that will sense movement (but not spatial, like the Nintendo).

Looks like I am in a distinct minority in thinking the price is reasonable for what you get. Bear in mind that it’s a Blu-ray Disc player. The Sony BDP-S1 is $999.99, so you’re getting the Blu-ray capability at a significant discount, and it plays games, too.

IMHO this it makes it more likely HD-DVD will win the BluRay / HD-DVD war.
Because one of the big advantages of BR was the PS3.
If the $500 version had HDMI maybe, but to get didgital HD you need to go for the $600 version. There are already HD-DVD players that are cheaper. Ya, they don’t play games, but still.

I suppose if you being generous, you could say you are getting a game consone for $100 and a $500 BR player.