Will you buy a Playstation 3 at release?

The Sony Playstation 3 will most likely be released this coming holiday season. Currently there’s two models planned, a 20GB model for $499 and a 40GB model for $599.

Article w/ prices
Better article with features described.


Are you out of your mind. Yes, I know it’ll be a Blu-ray player, a format that’s as likely to die as Beta, and it’s got speeds measured in Teraflops but $599?

Sorry, no, not me. If I want a new game box this Christmas, I’ll be buying a XBox 360, which at $299 to $399 is cheaper today and, I suspect, will be even cheaper when the PS3 is released.

If they release Zelda: The Twilight Princess with the release of the Wii, I will end up buying the Wii.

At release, no. Eventually? Maybe. It depends on what games are available.

I pondered it, but as it turns out I’m getting one for free, so it doesn’t matter.

Apparently there’s something going down with them and Apple, though, so I’m definitely interested.


No, but I’ve always been a bit of a Nintendo fanboy. I’m going to buy a Wii.

I probably would buy one if it cost, say, half that.

At $600 for a console, it better give me a blowjob while I’m playing.

I’m keeping my eye on the Wii, though I will be buying an Xbox 360 when Halo 3 is released.

Between the price, the lack of any big launch titles (IMO), and the missing rumble feature on the controller, my answer is “hell no.”

I’d like to get a Wii, just because I think the remote would make for great family gaming sessions.

I have been dissapointed with the PS3 ever since I’ve seen pictures of it. And now I’ve heard they won’t have rumbling-action in the controllers anymore because of some obscure patent. And frankly, it seems just like an XBOX, considering how wildly different the Wii is gonna be.

Wii for me. Its gonna be way cheaper anyways. IMO, graphics for games has hit a plateau…its no longer mainly about getting better graphics, its more about making other new innovations. And the Wii seems to be high in those promises.

I’m not a gamer, haven’t been for 15 years. I’m a high-def TV guy. So I’m saving up for one for the Blu-Ray player, and I’ll dip my toes into gaming while I’m at it.

Oh? Do tell.

I work for a media network (among other things…'s why I’m most likely going to get a free PS3) and there was a big hoopla over the Apple logo flashing for a brief moment on one of Sony’s Web sites about the PS3. When we contacted them about it…well, one PR guy was dodging the question, one was trying to get us excited, and one didn’t know what the hell we were talking about. The guy who was dodging our question kept saying something about Apple producing something for them, and the excited guy was telling us it was going to be the BIGGEST THING IN GAMING EVER!!!1 (of course).

Still not holding my breath on it, but it’d be nifty. I’m a big Apple fan.


£425 over here. I’m considering it. Depends on the release titles i’m interested in, really.

Amen, motherfucker, amen.

There are a few games that I must have, or, reasons that I’ll get a 360. Madden, GTA, and Halo. I will have a 360 before the first of those get released (which looks like it’ll be Madden).

Strange, because apparently official word is that the people who made the ad were using a demo version of the Apple software and the software automatically puts the Apple logo in. They remade it using the full version and it’s gone now. I honestly can’t see Apple doing anything with Sony. What would they have to do with each other?

I dunno. Like I said, it’d be nifty, and the Sony people were fucking with us, but I’m not holding my breath.

If Apple did anything with Sony, I’m willing to bet the PS3 would look a lot more streamlined… Not that it isn’t compared to the PSX and PS2, but…yeah.

The one guy did say it was an accessory or something. But like I said, he could have been talking out of his ass. He was a PR guy.


I need to do a bit of research into the Blu-Ray stuff and its staying power, but, more than likely, I’ll have one by next year. I’m not a hard core gamer, but considering the number of hours I’ve spent playing my PS2 over the years, that the price tag isn’t that steep to me, my addiction to the final fantasy series, and my dislike for Wii, I’ll probably get one.

I’m an unabashed Nintendo fanboy; I will be getting a Wii at release. I don’t much care if I get a PS3 or not. I’m still working on some side quests in PS2 games anyway.

Oh hells no. They’ve just plain gotten crazy now. There are still a buhjillian games I haven’t played on the PS2, and that’ll do me just fine. I can’t imagine owning more than one new video game console now, and that’ll be the Nintendo.

Geezus, they think we all have ridiculously disposable incomes?

I’ll most likely be picking up a Wii too.

Yick, no. If the price goes down I might, depending on how much I like the games available. But for now, the only console I have any plans to buy is the Wii. Twilight Princess and the Virtual Console are the big drawing cards for me.

I won’t buy one at release, but I’ll probably buy one eventually.