prickly heat? sort of poll

We have been having a bit of warm weather over here in Oz and as a result (and because my life sucks) I have been suffering from prickly heat (if you don’t know what it is: “Prickly heat, or heat rash, is a harmless but very itchy skin rash with small red spots all over the affected areas” I can assure you that when this covers your entire fucking body it does not feel harmless. Anyway that is the end of my whinge.
Now to the question - are there any folks out there who suffer every summer like me, What about all year round :eek:? Where are you from? Does it have a different name where you are? what are your preferred methods of coping with it eg. Because it covers so much of my body I give up clothes, most movement and occasionally cover myself in cortisone cream (prescribed by my doctor), when it is not so bad I find loose clothing and lots of cold showers help. The other thing is to try and distract myself or to try find someone worse off than me - aaand here I am :slight_smile: So tell me your prickly heat stories folks. And remember - I’m typing naked

Oh come on, where’s that pioneering Amazon spirit?

What’s a bit of 45C heat and sub 10% humidity between friends?

We deplore the absence of pics.

Oh no we had 55+% humidity…yay
And :stuck_out_tongue: I now have clothes on. And really you want to look and my manky spotty rashy body:confused::confused::confused:

I still want to scratch gah!

South Florida - I get it on my wrists sometimes. But not all that often. It’s annoying when it happens.

My first summer living in Phoenix, AZ I got a heat rash under my breasts. We get temps in the summer like the recent heat wave in Melbourne, but unlike your heat wave, it lasts a couple months instead of a few days and over night lows hover around 100.

I couldn’t wear a bra for almost a week and I’m not one that can go without easily. :smiley: It was painful for sure. I feel for you!

I am happy to report I haven’t had it in years. Very very happy. It’s a miserable business. You have my sympathies.

We call it a “rash”, or “idiopathic dermatitis”. I end my showers will cold water and use Gold Bond or Amiens.

I never type naked, I wear very loose and soft cotton. By a fan. Under the influence of benadryl. Or vodka and soda.

I don’t! I know what it looks like.

For prickly heat rash, I use a wonderful ointment called Calmoseptic. It is a miracle for this sort of thing, I swear.

I use stick deodorant. On the rash, I mean. I have no idea how it works, or why it works, I just know it provides immediate pain/itch relief, and then makes the rash go away. I’m supposing it makes the rash go away because it dries the area out and yeast need a moist place to grow, but I’m completely lost as to why it kills the pain/itch before the rash is even gone. (Actually, it burns for about 10 seconds, in a blissful, “it’s not itching!” kind of burn.)

I’m mostly prone to it in the summer, in the groin and tween and underboobage areas, but last week when I was done shoveling snow, I felt that familiar tingle and reached for the deodorant.

The only time I had it, the nurse practitioner didn’t recognize it and yelled at me for not knowing I have asthma. So that’s how I found out the rash and difficulty breathing were unrelated…