Priests fornicating and bishops not removing them.

Here is another question, and just the straight dope, please.

Is it a fact that there are priests fornicating, that is: sleeping with women not their married spouses in any kind of wedding. and there are bishops in charge of them knowing but not removing them?

Here is my proof from a mathematical point of departure:

There are thousands and thousands of priests.

Among them there are those who are not married in any kind of wedding to any woman.

Among these there are those who are driven enough by their normal sex drive to engage in sex with women.

Among these priests there are bishops in charge of them who for any reasons pragmatic or for their own personal reasons do not remove them.

Ergo: there are priests fornicating and bishops not removing them.

Well, what do you think: is that a straight dope to the subject, priests fornicating, bishops not removing them?

Only the straight dope, please.

Susma Rio Sep

Come on, Susma, you started threads on this subject months ago, and hijacked a couple to further your own bizarre agenda, and rightly got jumped on for it. Not again. :frowning:


Can I cite Alice in Wonderland. :confused:

Not a GQ.

Open a GD or an IMHO thread.

What do I think?

Well, I think I’d rather hear about experiences of you and your siblings’ (if you have any) experience of fornication and whether your parents knew about it.

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Susma Rio Sep, you have asked this very same question in GD some time back. Here’s a link:

I would also like to remind you that you have repeatedly and consistently been asking non-GQ questions in GQ in the past.

Please note that if you ask non-GQ questions in GQ again, you risk losing your posting privileges. You have been warned.

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