Prince Harry on 60 Minutes — what’s his story? Good guy? Spoiled brat? What?

I mostly couldn’t care less about the family dramas of the hideously overprivileged, and only hope that this latest episode will bring us closer to the abolition of this antiquated institution.

Having said that, it does seem like his complaints that his family has treated him horribly are valid, and if he would rather respond to their attacks rather than staying silent in the hopes of facilitating some “reconciliation” based on them not having to be accountable for their actions, I don’t blame him one bit.

But, his responding to the attacks only keep the narrative going and inviting more attacks, doesn’t it? If he truly wants to try and live a normal life for himself and his immediate family, he’d be quiet and let time fade him into the landscape. But, just when the public is about to forget about him he comes back into the limelight. No one GAS about him or Meghan, until either of them crawl back into the headlines, by their own choice.

That’s odd- the UK tabloid press seem perfectly happy to produce a daily article about how Meghan eating an avocado somehow disrespects the late Queen or matters of similar import regardless of what they do, in the same way they used to do for Princess Di (about whom the Daily Express continued to print pretty much daily articles for the better part of a decade after her death). But if you prefer to blame Harry and Meghan for that, that’s certainly an option.

If you think I’m exaggerating about the media ragging on Meghan for eating an avocado, well…

Yes, exactly.

I personally find the royal institution deeply stupid and wish it would go the way of the dodo, and I don’t pay deliberate attention to any of it, preferring to ignore it as much as possible.

However, I’ve absorbed enough to realize that “he said he wanted privacy, so why is he doing all these media appearances” is a wholesale fabrication by the poisonous UK tabloids who are resentful that he’s refusing to play the game by the rules they’ve established.

And? So the mean tabloids and gossip papers are painting Meghan in a poor light, just like they do for every other celebrity. News at eleven!

They cannot choose what is printed about them, but they have full control of how they respond, and IMHO their response, both of them, appears to draw more attention and keep the spotlight on them compared to just brushing-off the nonsense of what others say and focusing on other aspects of life, such as their kids, charitable work, making the world a better place, etc.

So you concede that people do GAS about them and that the media print stories about them whether they “crawl back into the headlines by their own choice” or not. Thank you for that.

Yeah, I guess the type of people who think the tabloids are reliable sources of info.

Who constitute an unfortunately significant percentage of the British populace.


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I’m in the camp of having been interested in their story for about an hour and now I’m over them. Live your lives; be happy. But don’t think that America is not going to tire of your complaints. We’ve got our own problems.

You may well be right about what the UK tabloid press does today (produce daily articles of dubious value about H&M), but the example you gave is an article from four years ago. It doesn’t really support your argument that they are being kept in the limelight today because of excessive tabloid coverage.

It was to point out how they are treated differently for doing the exact same thing as the other brother and his wife.

You’re forgetting that back in the day, William and Kate received a lot of the same very nasty tabloid coverage. She was “common,” a social climber, didn’t know how to dress appropriately, a party girl, “Waity Katy.” There were even a few cracks, based on her alleged Jewish ancestry, that they’d have to rename the palace Buckingpastrami. William was lazy, not doing his duty, an entitled twit landing his military helicopter on the Middleton lawn. The years go by and the tabloids changed their target to make William and Kate into saints and Harry/Meghan the bad guys, but let’s not pretend that W/K didn’t have their fair share of tabloid trouble, or that they’ve always been treated fairly or well.

I don’t like the tabloid press any more than you, and I don’t want to victim-blame, but surely everyone over the age of about 8 knows that the best strategy to deal with bullies is to ignore them? As opposed to continually feeding them new material. Maybe they don’t teach that at Eton.

I do have some sympathy for Harry, and racism directed at Meghan is completely unacceptable, but the fact remains they are using their status for commercial gain, rather than staying out of the public eye as much as possible. So I think some criticism of that is fair. Generally though, I really don’t care and actively avoid any news on the subject.

The Behavior Panel on youtube has done a three part series on Harry and Meghan. It’s worth watching to gain possible insight.

It might be a little hard to ignore people who camp out on your front lawn or the street in front of it every day, who bribe your neighbors to put up cameras on their property trained on your front door and back yard, who chase you down in airports or public streets every day, who show up at your workplace every day, who go through your trash and who contact everyone you know - your relatives, friends, coworkers - looking for any personal information they are willing to give or sell, who train long lenses on you during your vacation trips, etc. etc. etc.