Prince Harry. The "Right Stuff"?

Prince Harry starts officer training at Sandhurst tomorrow. Do you think a military setting will rein him in or will the baggage from being the less photogenic spare sink him? I think it’s make or break time, he has to make a conscious decison not to be a useless prat. If he can adapt to the military life he could well outshine his brother, otherwise he will face public opprobrium that will be difficult to overcome.

Whatever happens, I am sure he won’t run home crying like his aunt Nancy did when she quit the Royal Marines.

Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t really take a lot of brains or talent to be a military officer, and becoming a soldier does not make people any better a person than any first job would. Certainly, it takes brains and talent to be a GREAT officer, but you can get by with mediocre abilities.

Frankly, it’s doubtful being an officer will make much of a difference to him. And most people don’t care much anyway. He’ll always be in the public light and nobody looks good in that light.

Apparently he thrived on the discipline at school and creditably led the cadet corp there, so he might do quite well.

I’m just disappointed that neither of them is going into the RAF.