Prince of Persia - (open spoilers likely)

I saw it yesterday, and I thought it was distincly ‘meh’. It was competent and action-y, yes. I thought the acrobatics and parkour (inspired by the game) were nice, but most of the action was obscured by quick edits. It’s not Bourne, but I would’ve thought that the action could’ve been brought to the screen a little better.

I also found it hard to empathise with the main characters. Maybe it’s the -look there’s another fight scene AGAIN- where antagonists are introduced just to be beaten (Hassanshins*, looking at you here), or the cliché’d archetypes, but meh.

Then there’s the ‘I am NOT JACK SPARROW’ morally ambigious off-the-wall small-time-criminal talks-too-much eyelinered eventually heart-of-golded ineffectual villain. He got some laughs, but it’s obvious we’ve seen this before.

If you can turn your brain off, it might be a nice night’s entertainment. But it seems to have very little heart.

*Their drug use is hinted at in the film, and the censors apparently thought “Hashshashin” was inappropriate.

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And there is the very obvious “We will attack in the middle east because someone told us there’d be WEAPONS! Hey, now that we’re in, there seem to be no WEAPONS here. Odd, that. Can we have your stuff?”

Real subtle.