Prince Williams hair. Should he shave it?

Well, this guy has lost so much of his hair that it seems like he is styling it in an actual, 70’s style combover at this point. I’m wondering if either he or his keepers have considered just shaving it off. His wife is hot and he is otherwise a good looking guy, but I think his bizarre hair makes him come off as goonier than he probably actually is. It doesn’t help that his brother has a full head of hair. Maybe there is some sort of unspoken rule that the royals don’t shave their heads? I dunno.

Anyway, should he finally let it go or hold on to it?

I’m not a fan of shaving hair when it gets real thin. If I was, I would have a shaved head.

Unless he starts combing it like Donald Trump, I have no opinion about his coif. A Donald-'do would be an indicator of mental instability.

He’s looking more like his dad and less like his mum every day.

Do you have a pic of his current hairstyle? I’m not sure what you mean and a google search isn’t helping.

Personally, given his situation, I think he should wear a good ole’ fashioned rug! Future King of England should look more handsome. Its all make-believe anyway!

My parents were World War 2 generation. I spent my teenage years constantly being nagged to get a haircut.

As a result, I think everyone should let their hair grow as long as possible. So what if he’s bald on top? Let the rest grow down to his shoulders! It worked for Gallagher!

I don’t get why people have been talking so much about Prince William’s hair lately. Prince William has had hair almost his entire life, but ever since he got married it seems like every single tabloid has a headline about his hair. I hear they even had a crier outside the palace announce the arrival of his hair! Shouldn’t the man be allowed to get a wig mailed to him with a little privacy?

Doesn’t look like a combover to me. More like he’s going for the Patrick Stewart. You don’t need to go with the full-on shave, just a close trim on the remaining wisps in the back and you’re fine.

And here he is as a kid sporting a Donald Trump-style helmet swirl:

It’s not a combover so it’s okay, but personally I’d crop it all a bit shorter.

If only he could find a job with some sort of ceremonial headwear that covered the crown of his head. Then he wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Looks fine.

So long as he’s not doing a combover, he can do what he wants with it. Bald with a fringe of hair is a perfectly respectable look.

I know it’s been the done thing for balding blokes to immediately attempt a ‘sexy’ Bruce Willis shave when things get too sparse, but since he is a major player in one of the most antiquated realms, he can probably get away with looking like an old buffer.

I would recommend going for the style of the (late, great) Terry Nutkins, eventually.

He’s going with the natural “horseshoe”. Why not? It’s not like a rug would go unnoticed, is it?

Going bald is not a sin. A bald spot on the top while keeping the hair you do have is perfectly acceptable.

I think his hair is sexy.

O.K., this is by far the best suggestion I’ve heard in a long time. Prince William needs to immediately institute a tradition that the second in line to the throne must wear a crown at all times.

Or he could just keep the hair he has neatly trimmed and be done with it. At least he seems to have a sense of humor about it.

Here’s another photo from yesterday highlighting (heh) PW’s hair.

Personally, I think it’s fine. Baldness happens. I also like shaved heads on men but I’m thinking it would not be a seemly thing for a member of the Royal Family.

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