Princeton’s Conscious Earth?

I ran across this page a few months ago and lost track of it until yesterday. The page talks about random number generators and how they stopped being random around the millennium and 9/11. Normally I would just ignore this but the web site is tide to Princeton ( yes the real one, PBS did a story about this little group doing research on telekinesis and they could actually back it up.) Go down to the “current results” link. The math is a little beyond me but it is interesting none the less. What is this? Has anyone seen something like this before? Is the math valid?

Don’t let the “princeton” and the “edu” in the url fool you. This group of whackos have nothing to do with Princeton University or education.

On their site, they make the pseudoscientific claim

That’s right, they’ve proved telekinesis! Or have they? From The Skeptic’s Dictionary we learn it’s bullshit.


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