Prison Break 11/6 (open spoilers)

Keeping the first post tidy for the preview popups… but… holy hell… yet again I find myself asking “how the HELL are they going to get out of THAT!?”

That’s something I love about this show. It reminds me of 24 in the way that each episode rolls relentlessly toward what looks like certain doom, but somehow most of the doom is eluded in the next episode. Most, but not all. Sure looks as if T-Bag’s hand is gonna be a casualty.

Yeah I can’t help but think that the cops are gonna show up and find a hand tied to a radiator :X

And the hand will have its middle finger extended, as a message from T-Bag.

The insane good luck Michael’s having out of prison is making up for the ridiculously bad luck he had on the inside.

I was kinda thinking that T-Bag had switched out the cash again and Bellick and Stooge #2 would end up with another stack of National Geography or whatever that fake magazine was called. It’s still possible that the bag Stooge has is some sort of decoy I suppose but it seems less likely.

I was thinking something like that too. My thought was that the key they got from T-Bag was a fake or something, and they would try to open the locker and nothing would be in it or something.

Of course, I’m sure that Geary won’t go off with the money and live happily ever after; either T-Bag or Bellick will track him down and get the money, or the money will somehow get lost and end up with Michael or Sucre or someone nominally good on the show.

The bit with T-Bag was so gross. And why, why WHY would they handcuff the reattached handto the radiator? You’d think they would have had enough sense to cuff the other one (or bring two sets of handcuffs and cuff both hands).

I wonder if T-Bag is gonna get away after he is uncuffed.

Oh, yeah. No doubt about it.

I have a feeling that T-bag will never get sent back to prison-- the guy is a survivor in the same sense that cockroaches are survivors.

Of course, maybe he’ll take the hand with him and have it re-attached, again. There must be another vet nearby. Helluva way to slip out of handcuffs!!

Knowing T-Bag, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the locker contained the body of his latest victim.

THAT would have been a helluva twist.

T-BAG IS such a truly evil and slimey character, he deserves anything done to him…

Maybe I’m too quesy, but seeing those deserved things done to the creep kinda squicks me out.

Sarah is wearing The Basball Hat of Invisibility™.

I feel all dirty that I’m hoping T-bag gets away. It’s a fun sort of dirty though. I kept wincing everytime he pulled on his hand attached to the radiator. They’re making it so obvious, surely he’ll escape some other way?

Geary is so dead. He better hope Bellick does it. I shudder to think what T-bag would do.

What was the deal about LJ not having met his grandfather when he was ten?

Is that blond woman going to save Link & LJ?

Gee, did anyone else suspect Sucre’s phone call wouldn’t go as planned?

Is there really a town named Bolshoi Booze?

What are they going to do now that Mahone knows about Panama?

I thought they were talking about Michael, not LJ.

I thought they were talking about a bar.

But then, I wasn’t paying 100% attention, so I could be wrong.

There is a convincing explanation of the “Bolshoi Booze” reference here.

Meh. I kept waiting for sexytime, but sexytime never came. What a tease, bringing Sara back. The part with T-Bag was horrific, though. The strain on the stitches… ugh.

Okay, so Bolshoi Booze might be code. Well, you know I love Sucre to death but if it’s code poor ol’ Sucre is never gonna figure it out.

There was a good write up on Robert Kepper and his alter ego T-Bag in last week’s TV Guide. Apparently the character was first envisioned as a 240 pound Southern boy until Kepper showed his spin on it. He is a very popular character. To quote Kepper: Even cops want to be T-Bag’s Bitch.