PRISON BREAK: Season Two Announced

According to this Hollywood Reporter article, Fox has just announced there will be aSeason 2 Of Prison Break.

I was just wondering during the last episode how they could do a season 2, but this article gives a hint as to how they intend to carry it off. Actually, it sounds almost like an entirely different show, but that might not be a bad idea and it could work, maybe…

I thought this was official a LONG time ago. Interesting. I’ve always called it that season two would be them on the run.

Kinda takes all the supense out of season one when you know they are all going to escape.

Would you rather have read this instead? :smiley:

Fox tacking a year on its ‘Prison’ term

-Two episodes into the spring portion of “Prison Break’s” freshman season, Fox has given the suspense drama a full-season pickup for fall. The first season of the show has chronicled the planning of a prison break by a group of inmates led by two brothers, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) and Michael (Wentworth Miller). Because the season culminates with a group of eight inmates being gunned down in a hail of machine gun fire while escaping from prison, the second year of the series will have a brand new story line. “Season 1 was the prison break, and Season 2 will be the funeral service,” series creator-executive producer Paul Scheuring said in a phone interview from New Mexico where he is scouting locations for the show’s second season. "It will be ‘Six Feet Under’ times eight. We’re going to be paying our respects to our escapees to the four corners of the country, using various modes of burial, cremation and trebuchets. Basically it’s going to be the second half of ‘The Loved One.’ " (P. Lynck)

If he was Canadian, he’d already be on parole.

What was that about spoiler boxes again? You know, the part about using them?