Prius C and Bluetooth

My Prius C will no longer connect to my iphone 4s. I tried following instructions, but that did not work.

The phone bluetooth is working, as I can pair with my bluetooth speaker.

Any advice on fixing this?

Do you have another phone with bluetooth to try connecting?

Yup, have to narrow it down as to whether the problem is on the phone end, or the car end.

So I took my wife’s 5c, which had not previously been paired, and it did pair. MY phone works with my speakers, but not the car.

Try deleting the pairing from the car, restarting your phone, and re create the pairing.

I guess the other question is: did anything change with your phone recently? Specifically, is it now joined to something like your company’s Exchange environment via activesync? Because if so, they can enforce policies that can allow pairing with audio-only speakers but not full fledged systems like an integrated car system.

I did that. Still did not work. Then I deleted Car Audio from the iphone, put it in search mode, and it connected right up.

Thanks for the advice. I guess it was essentially frozen, and I had to figure out the best way to reboot.