Car won't pair with iPhone

It’s been working perfectly until a couple of weeks ago: I start the car, and whatever was playing on the phone resumed in the car, like it’s supposed to. Now no joy. When I go to the car menu and hit “pair”, the car say to look for “My-car”. “My-car” doesn’t show up on the phone under Bluetooth devices until I try to pair. So I’m pretty sure the phone sees the car. But they won’t pair. I’ve restarted the phone numerous times. The phone won’t let me “forget the device”. That’s been known to help on other stubborn devices. So it’s not working and I’m very bummed. Other than that, Happy Easter!

In cases like this, I have my users re-name their phone (on IPhone, Settings, General, About) to something different, with no punctuation. (if its “Bob’s IPhone”, rename it to “bobphone” or something).

This is now seen as a new device, and pairing can occur again.

I’ll try it. Thanks!!!