Private messages storage space


I’ve cleaned out my PM’s multiple times, but once again I’m running on low.

I’m at 47, and I don’t want to delete anymore. I like them, they’re nice.

Any way of upping the allowed amounts? Would that be tremendously detrimental?



Copy and paste the text and who they are from into a word document, that way you can save them, and still have room in your inbox? Take a screen capture of them, and save that? Do both?

I appreciate the quick response (two minutes, are you a desert roadrunner, or a mexican mouse), but doesn’t that seem tedious?

I’m neither, just an insomniac. And, no, it doesn’t sound that tedious to me. I’d say it’s a viable solution to being able to keep the nice PMs you got, yet have room for more. :slight_smile:

While it is a solution, I’m assuming that the OP is looking to just keep them here and be able to access them here without have to dl the messages.

While I apreciate the reasoning behing wanting to keep them here, they do take up storage space – when you think of 50 messages per subscriber, it all adds up.

So, while they could increase it, there wil then be individuals who will run into the new buffer limit at a future time, and then we’ll be having this conversation again.

As well, some boards will have a time limit on keeping messages – i.e. they wil be deleted after a predetemined period of time. So I guess we’ve go to make do with what we’ve got here, unfortunately.

And some of us just wake up early with nothing else better to do but cruise the Dope :slight_smile:

I highly doubt we’ll get more PM space any time soon. For quite a while we didn’t have the ability to send or recieve Private Message at all, you know. I guess I’m just glad to have them at all, so that is why I don’t think it’s a big deal to either make a word document that has the private message I want to save on it, or screen captures.

There’s an easier way. At the bottom of the PM screen you’ll see an option to download all PMs as text, XML, or CSV (comma-separated value). You’ll be able to save mulitple messages in a few clicks as opposed to copying-and-pasting one at a time.

As for increasing the message limit… this is not an official answer, but my initial thought is that it probably won’t happen because of the increased cost of the database storage. Fifty messages doesn’t sound like a lot, but multiply that by the thousands of regular users who use them, and it starts taking up considerable space. (I know not everyone uses them, or uses them extensively, but it’s better to take potential storage space into consideration.) And, by “cost”, I don’t mean actual moolah, but the issues we’re already dealing with due to the database size.

ETA: Or, you know, what FourPaws said.