I need more room in my PM box, please

Is that possible? I hate deleting stuff and yet have to all the time. I have PMs saved for as long as I possibly can. Another board I go to has a 250 limit. zCan we up ours just a little? Maybe to 100? Pretty please?

Paid membership gets you a 100 message limit. :slight_smile:

I save a lot of mine to my computer, 'Mika. That’s always an option. :slight_smile:

On second thought … it is for members … can guests save their PMs?

Ah. Oh well. Thanks though.

As mentioned you can save the PMs off in Text. It is fairly easy.

  1. Click on all the ones you want to save off and remove from the PM storage.
  2. Drop down to the Selected Messages: and pick **Download as text **(or CSV or XML).
  3. Click Go, choose click save and choose the file name and the folder you want to save to.
    This will return you to the PM folders.
  4. Click the Selected Messages: Choose **Delete **
  5. Click Go
    Repeat this now for the Sent Folder.
    Change folders at the top in the Jump to Folder: box.

Now you have plenty of room.

I will indeed just start saving them as text. I wish I had thought of that before; I’ve already deleted a few I liked (though I always start with me “sent” ones, and I don’t care as much about those.)


What? I have a 50 limit.

Are you sure? This only changed in the last few months. Click on the Private Message link below the Welcome, pedescribe. On the Private Messages in Folder page that comes up you will see in the Folder Controls box something like You have 41 messages stored, of a total 100 allowed.

Verify if it says 100 or 50.

Thanks, I did this today, and it worked great.


I was hoping **pedescribe **might check back in. I’m curious if his says 50 or 100.

Mine says 50. Yes, I’m sure.

How odd. I wonder if it will go up to 100 when you exceed 50 of if the change just did not work correctly.

Double-check your limit. You were in the correct user group allowing a 100 message limit, but just in case I moved you out and back again. See if it reads correctly now.

Okay, I see how your account is set up now. Go ahead and check again in a few minutes.