my pm box is 100% full

So I noticed to day that my PM box is 100% full. I was tipped off by the boldface message saying :“Your PM box is 100% full”. I have 111 messages, and my max is 50. However, I remember that I had plenty of room the last time I looked, which is the last time I got a message. Has my box shrunk? Am I mis-remembering? Shouldn’t it say 222% full?

Has your membership recently lapsed? I don’t remember what the limit is for members, but they get a higher limit than guests.

You look a bit guesty from here.

Yes, that’s what happened – members get twice as much PM storage as guests.

Ahhhhhhhhgh! I’ve become a guest! COOOOOTIES!

Oh no! A problem! :eek:

Quick, throw money at it!!


Here’s how I handled that situation: vBulletin PM Reader - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download. To get the messages into it, select all of your messages, and then scroll to the bottom and choose “Download as XML” in the dropdown. Import the XML file into the program, and you are set.