Privileging religious whiners

When your religion is a blatant fake, with documented fake origins, then you simply mentioning that you’re sympathetic to such a farcical load of shit is already a childish joke. When I make fun of your childish “religion” with sophomoric attempts at humour, I cannot possibly drag the conversation down any further than you already had, by admitting that you continue to willingly sacrifice your entire LIFE to your revered leader’s sophomoric attempt at humour.

People, please don’t endorse or protect your neighbour’s stupidity just because he claims it’s his religion. Religion is an idea like any other.

Good Christ, are you an asshole.

Wow, a piece of shit calling someone else an asshole. Classic.

Is there some kind of back-story to this? :confused:

If you’re talking about Scientology, have the decency to say so. If you’re not talking about Scientology, shut up.

So, you’re back. How was your time off? Relaxing, I hope.

Just wondering, do you envision your time here as a flaming meteorite plummeting to earth, or were you hoping for something longer term?

That’s a good point but few if any here will acknowledge it.

I think it started when the angel Moroni gave some golden plates to Joesph Smith.

“Few if any,” forsooth! Yeah, no militant atheists here, no sir. :rolleyes:

It’s not even about atheism. It’s about the goofy deference given to primitive beliefs and those who advocate them as long as said beliefs come with a prayer, a silly hat, and some dietary restrictions.

This is a historic occasion! It’s possibly the very first time I’ve agreed with octopus unreservedly.

Oh, what, you think your shit stinks less?

(Okay, yeah, it actually does, and one should be careful when blurring the lines between dangerous cults like scientology and the JWs and standard everyday religions which, while still harmful, lack many of the most dangerous, manipulative, and evil aspects of cults.)

But all religions are man-made. All religions posit things we cannot possibly know or already know to be wrong. All religions are more than a little silly. And all religions are, at their very best, the canary in the coal mine of a world where the sanity waterline is dangerously low.

No, no, you have to hash your metaphors up. Something like the Angel Moroni took Mary Baker Eddy up on his shining eagle and bore her forth unto Sun Myung Moon who bestowed upon her the golden plates, but on the return flight, they came unbound from her satchel, fell to the Earth and conked a young Hubbard on the head.

Is that the silly one that starts with the talking snake?

If I could remember ever interacting with you, or even reading a single post of yours, that might give your reply some context. But, I don’t…so it’s hard to care what you say about me or about anything. You are such a nobody that I won’t bother to even come up with an would be like saying nasty things about a guy in a stock photo.

Leave this guy out of it.

What’s the difference?

Your posts are noteworthy insofar as I read them, and think, “Oh right, that’s who that guy was.” Take that as you will.

Remove the beam from your own eye.

LOL, Mormonism was my first thought too.