Pro-Choicers: Abortion For Child's Sexuality

If (hypotheically) it became possible to detect the “homosexual” gene before birth, would pro-choicers of this board tolerate fetuses being aborted solely for that reason?

I think it would be an asshole-ish reason to abort a fetus, but I’d still support the right of the woman to make her own choices.

Is this a trick question?


I think a person should have the right to abort their fetus for that reason. I also think they’d be an absolute shitheel for doing it.

No, just a difficult one for pro-choicers at least.

Do you know what “pro-choice” means? I think I need to hear your definition to make sure we are answering the question you are actually asking.

I’m pro-choice…rabidly so actually…and it’s actually a very easy question to answer IMHO.


People who support legalized abortion at the decision of the mother’.

How is it difficult?

Yup. That’s her prerogative.

Not really - just one with an unfortunate consequence. And not to fight the hypothetical, there may be traits correlated to homosexuality but there is no gay gene.

I don’t believe in the nanny state. The government should not undertake the policing of the morality of its citizens. Our government is big enough already…

That said, what a crappy reason for an abortion, I would definitely think that the people that made this decision are assholes.

I would tolerate fetuses aborted for any reason, because it beats those fetuses being aborted in a back-alley and the mother bleeding to death in her own home.

Certainly. Or if they intended to abort straight fetuses until they got a gay one. Or for that matter, because they needed a new ball for a game of Fetusball. It’s not my business to force them to give birth.

Uh-oh! Curtis is trying to catch us in a difficult predicament!

How is that a difficult question ? A woman has the right to choose abortion for any reason whatsoever, up to and including “because conception happened on a Tuesday”. Her life, her body, her decision, fucked up as it may be.

Then I can’t really see how you think this would be a dilemma for ‘pro-choicers’. It’s all about the CHOICE. Either a woman has the right to make a choice, regardless of her motives or reasons, or she doesn’t. I can’t see ANY pro-choice person really having a problem with answering the question.


Subject to the same restrictions I’d place on any abortion*, I don’t see why that’s a problem. Dick, but allowed.

Quick! Let’s make a gay baby!

*Viable foetus, mother not under the influence of mind altering substances at time of consent to abort, foetus does not possess Jimmy Page gene.

Yeah, I don’t care why someone wants an abortion.

Or a Rosemary’s Baby! Is it OK to abort the AntiChrist?!

And will the doctor catch on fire if you try? Or just turn gay? (because we all know homosexuality is Of The Devil)

Not a difficult question at all. Yes, I’d “tolerate” it. If it was a friend of mine, I’d even drive her to the clinic and hold her hand if she needed me to. I’d think it was a shitty reason, and I’d probably not maintain a friendship with her for much longer, honestly, but I’d still help her out.