Probably-impossible-to-identify Dvorak piece

While downloading some nice classical music to dance around to, I happened to remember a song I played at music camp years ago…

It was by Dvorak, in 3/4 time, and all I remember about the title was “Scherzo” written at the top of the music. About halfway down the first page it lapsed into this really nice waltz-y rhythm, and me and a friend used to dance to it at camp while I whistled it. It was just a nice melody; I don’t remember it being either particularly booming or saccharin-sweet.

So, can anyone give me clues to a waltz-y scherzo by Dvorak? I’ve checked Napster with no success.

Maybe this is it? Dvorak: Scherzo Capriccioso

The description in the 2nd paragraph sorta kinda sounds like what you describe: “A second theme in G major - suave and waltz-like - is later announced by the violins.”

Check under Google, for “Dvorak Scherzo music file”. Dunno if this will help, but I found this:

And here’s 2 CD’s at Amazon that actually have sound samples…
This CD’s sample is from the beginning, and this one’s is from the middle somewhere.