Probably Lame, but I need to say it (personal)

I’ve probably posted about this before, but oh, how the vitriol is stirring in my veins now, so it’s coming out.

Hey, Boss … fuck you. Go fuck yourself with a rusty screwdriver and actually fucking retire like you said you did three years ago. You know surprisingly little about me and what I do, but you, in your infinite wisdom, must rule our world with an iron fist. You’d spent the last several months looking for a victim when you decided that I’d make the perfect target in about January. And you have targeted, repeatedly. Now let’s forget for a minute that you live over a thousand miles away and still demand to be involved in every decision. Forget that we spend hours on every project trying to explain our work to you. Forget that we spend probably thousands of dollars a year overnighting the same information we just emailed to you five minutes ago because you don’t want to waste your own paper. That’s annoying. But I’m willing to overlook it.

Now, the line has not only been crossed, but it’s been burned, pissed on, and covered in lye. January … you decide that I deserve a bad annual review because of self-perceived mistakes in my work. Nevermind that the four bosses with whom I work on a daily basis vehemently defend me. You must have your way, and hey, whattaya know … you rank the highest. So you get your way.

April … my review is officially presented to me by two bosses who look like they’re at a funeral and keep apologizing to me. But wait …there’s more. You have decided that anyone who receives less than an “average” score automatically gets written up for disciplinary action! Good idea. What a coincidence that you make the rules and you make my score … Yay, I’m on fucking probation. Meanwhile, one of my bosses literally leaves my review and cries.

Now today … the icing on the cake. Once again, despite a week of protests from all of my managers, you’ve decided that I’ve made no progress. You have no other choice … you demote me. Yeah, that’s right, I don’t deserve the promotion I got over three years ago. Who cares that my manager still tells me that I perform well above the vast majority of people in my now-former position. Who cares that you have yet to provide any evidence that I am performing badly? You will tomorrow, my friend. HR and I are having a talk.

I think my favorite part of all this is that you are coming into town on Monday … and yet you don’t have the fucking balls to tell me this to my face. You make my manager - who you already know disagrees with your decision - do it days before you arrive. Go fuck yourself. Go fuck your egomaniacal, control freak, grudge-holding, idiotic, selfish, retarded fucking ass.

Tonight I sent out ten resumes. I’ll send out another ten tomorrow, if I can.

Know anyone who’s hiring?

Wow. That really sucks.

Are your immediate bosses allowed (or willing) to put their views on your performance on paper? It sounds like you are working in a somewhat bureaucratic job, so I would hope that multiple pieces of evidence would go into your file.

Can you take this to someone above the asshole boss? Would your immediate bosses back you if you did this?

Lastly - did you do anything at all that would have pissed off your “big” boss?

Hang tough - but keep sending out those resumes.

Yeah, that sucks. I’ve been there.

Years ago I worked at a company that shall remain nameless, in a department that was called, by upper management, “The most profitable branch in all of Kodak.” On our 1st annual review, we were rated on a number of items, on a scale of 1 to 7, 1 being the “needs major improvement”, 4 being “average.” My old boss gave me 5s and 6s (I still maintain that I deserved a few 7s). The average of all scores combined worked out to be a 5. I guess this was the new math. But at least it was still above average.

However, when I got the review back from upper management, the 5 was crossed out and a 3 was written in its place. This was done by a senior supervisor who I had met for all of 5 minutes, some 6 months previous. When it came time for my salary review, I got no raise, as my review clearly proved that I was below average. :mad:

Checking notes with my coworkers, they all had the same thing happen to them. I spoke to my immediate (newer) boss, and she promised to “look into it.” Needless to say, I never heard anything about it again.

The happy ending to the story was on the day that I quit (giving 1.5 days notice), I called the senior supervisor and told him exactly what I thought of him.


I honestly have no problems publicly trashing that stupid company. If I could remember the names of my supervisors I would post them.

See a labor lawyer, dude. If they (he) fires you, you might get a nice chunk of change.

But don’t distract yourself from the job search. You do need to leave, and you do need to get a new job, and you do need a positive attitude to get one. There are lots of weasel words you can use to explain this one, like “opportunity for advancement” etc.

What do you do, and are you willing to relocate, too?

Willing, yes. Allowed, technically. Actually, my “supervisor” (I use this term lightly as she and I are, and were before she became my supervisor, great friends) wrote a glowing email to me thanking me for the great work I’ve done on these two projects and cc’d pretty much every powerful person in the company, including the asshole. The President/COO forwarded it to HR, who now want to speak with my manager. When asked by my manager what he thought of the email, the asshole said “Yeah, it’s all true.” WTF?

Unfortunately, while there are higher bosses, this guy has been there since the beginning of the company. If he says something is true, then something is true. They’ll take his word for it every time, despite the fact that I know that most of the other guys dislike him personally.

I wish I had, at least then I’d have a reason. Really, though, I’ve got nothing. When I discussed this with a fellow coworker, he basically said that the asshole is just a bully who needs to smackdown somebody to feel good about his position. Right now, that person is me.

I’m a print marketing analyst. As for relocating … I’ve given the idea much thought. I was offered a job with a competitor in Los Angeles, but I just didn’t feel right about the company so I turned it down. At the moment, I’d very much prefer to stay in the area as I feel I’ve made a relatively decent life here for myself and I don’t want to have to start over in a new area. It’s not completely out of the question, though.

Thanks to all of you for your kind comments and for sharing your own stories, as well. As much as I don’t like to hear that you guys have also gotten the shaft, it makes me feel better to know that people all over get the royal screwjob sometimes.

I’ve been there too. Luckily it was sort of a temporary job. I was a medical secretary on the “float” team, which meant I covered leaves of absence and positions that they were hiring for. So, I’m in this office in the dental department, and this was actually my training office, so I already knew everybody, and it was my second time temping in this particular position, which was open and they were hiring for it. I applied, and it was pretty much assumed by everyone that I’d get it, I knew the job, they knew me, I knew them, my doctors loved me, and my reviews while I was in training and during my first round temping there were stellar (every time you complete a temping assignment, the office supervisor would give you a review).

So, I’m 2-3/4 months into my assignment. There’s a three-month limit to temping assigments, and I know the supervisor is interviewing candidates. I had applied, and my supervisor had said she would definitely be interviewing me. I hadn’t heard anything, so I send her an email asking if I would be interviewing soon. Then she drops a bomb: I would NOT be granted an interview. She gave no reason why, and up until that day I had been given no indication that anything was wrong. As far as I knew, my supervisor thought I was great! I was running my desk like a well-oiled machine, and my doctors were highly impressed with my performance. I was heartbroken.

I get my review, and it’s terrible. And completely untrue. I can’t even remember what it said, but I wrote a very long, detailed rebuttal that went into my file.

The worst part? I still had another two days left of my assignment. My last day, my officemates threw me a nice party. One of the docs came in and said, “who’s leaving?” and I said, “I am.” She gets this shocked look on her face and says, “what??? I thought for sure you’d be hired permanantly…Dr. R raves about you!” Yeah, tell me about it. :rolleyes:

It was the only bad review I’ve ever had in my entire life, and five years later, it still pisses me off. A year later, I’d transferred out to the transcription service, and my supervisor there had actually had that exact position in Dental for the same doctors and everything. She got the exact same treatment from that supervisor. We’ve concluded that she’s just fucking batshit insane.