Probably really simple iPod question

I’m a complete n00b to the iPod thing, and I have some tasks that I need to do that I can’t figure out. Forgive me if this is a really dumb question that every 12 year old knows.

OK, I’ve got this playlist of about 75 songs that I need to play in a specific order. I have the order set and it displays correctly on iTunes as being how I want it. It’s definitely under the “User Device” iPod under the correct playlist when the iPod is pulled into the computer. That playlist shows up as being on the iPod and everything. But when I unplug the iPod to play on the stereo, the songs are all out of order.

How do I make the displayed order of the playlist as it appears on iTunes be the order of the songs on the iPod when it’s not connected to the computer?

I hope I explained this clearly. Thanks.

On the iPod main menu, scroll down to Settings. Click, and make sure Shuffle is OFF. Then Menu Up, and make sure “Shuffle Songs” is also OFF.


Now the songs are all in reverse order from how they are on the iTunes list. Totally reversed. WTF? How do I get them to be in the exact same order on the iPod as they appear on the iTunes screen? :confused: It’s kinda driving me nuts.

you got me :confused:

all my stuff is alphabetical, but I’ve never tried sorting any differently. Personally, I like it on shuffle. I used to play my office friendly playlist in order and I began to be able to predict the next song (as one does with an oft played album on the turntable) and that bugged me. Now, I get surprised.

Are they perhaps sorted in reverse order on iTunes? If you go into a playlist on iTunes, you can sort by clicking the fields at the top (blank one on the left, “Name”, “Time”, “My Rating”, whatever fields you have on). If yours are sorted in reverse order on iTunes (the arrow above the numbers on the left is pointing down instead of up), the iPod may be reversing it back to the “correct” order.

I’ve tried switching it with the arrow, then disconnecting the iPod, and that doesn’t seem to change the iPod, only on the iTunes screen. Is there something you have to do, once you change something on iTunes, to change it on the iPod too?

This is the playlist for my wedding (the iPod is the DJ), so I really need them to play in the right order. Otherwise, I’d say randomize away.

did you re-synch before you disconnected? any changes you make in iTunes will only carry to the iPod when you synch.

Dumb question:
You did re-sync after you switched the arrow before you disconnected?

If so, I thought perhaps switching the arrow doesn’t actually change the playlist itself, just the order it’s displayed in. However, I just switched one of mine and exported it, and it exported in the reversed (displayed) order. I switched it back and exported and it was back in the correct order. So I’m not sure. Maybe build another playlist in the reverse order?

I had to rebuild the entire playlist on iTunes, then erase and synch the iPod, to get the order right, which was a major PITA because I was taking the order, in reverse, off the iPod while trying to get the list right on iTunes. But I think it’s right now, or almost right. At least now I know I can tinker with it on iTunes, then erase and synch just that playlist. I lost everything else I had loaded onto the iPod, but there wasn’t much and I’ll just redo everything after the wedding.

It shouldn’t be this hard, and maybe it isn’t if you know what you’re doing, but I don’t, so…