Probably stupid question about cell phones

I have a cell phone. I hate it. But I occasionally do have to use it to do things like call into conference calls (I use it as my work phone.)

It’s a low end motorola - not the free phone you get when you sign up for a cell phone plan, but close to it. It’s very muddy sounding, even with what I think is a pretty good connection. I’m always having to strain to hear things, and it’s even worse with the hands free connector.

If I spend a few hundred bucks and buy one of those fancy newfangled cell phones, will the sound become clearer? Or is it the connection itself? For what it’s worth I don’t hear static or anything like that, and it doesn’t cut out. It’s just muddy.

If I can get a better sounding phone by spending money, any suggestions?

Probably stupid answer about cell phones

Perhaps the phone is too laid back from having to spend its life in the UP eh?

Who is your provider? Why not just ask to borrow someone else phone for a few seconds and see how it works? Why not just throw back a few more labatts and get over it? Maybe in the spring it will be all better :smiley:

I may live north of 8 Mile, but not THAT far north.

Without knowing your carrier, we really can’t recommend specific phones. Even something as ubiquitous as the Motorola RAZR behaves differently on different carriers, and different models are generally not available on different systems.

But, yes, you can definitely get better sound clarity with a different phone. My all-time favorite was the classic old-style i1000 Nextel phone, which was made by Motorola. The RAZR’s not bad (on Cingular, at least) but that Nextel had some punch.

“I can’t hear” or “It’s hard to hear” are rather common complaints. Start out at your carrier’s local store - the staff there ought to be familiar with what’s louder/clearer in their current linup.

Alltel is my carrier. And yeah, maybe it’s a UP thing. People’s voices frozen and all.

I’d go to my local carrier, but it’s staffed by people who I have absolutely no confidence in. I want real answers, not whatever the idiot salesperson is supposed to be pushing this week.

Unfortunately I don’t know anyone who has anything better than my phone, otherwise I’d try it out.

Excellent advice. Go to one of your provider’s stores and ask to use different models. If they don’t have all models you want to try available, ask them to call different stores to find the one’s you want to try.

Note my location. I realize that in larger areas, there are stores with different models. Not here, though. The times we’ve asked to borrow phones to check reception, etc, we’ve been given models that were 4 years old and barely worked.

Which is why you should not feel embarssed to ask people on the street that you meet with cell phones. Most of them will most likely have had the same problem. You would most likely get into some good conversations about the bastards who work at the local stores and perhaps find out what the local solution really is.
Good Luck!

Every time i anwered my phone i would inadvertently bump the volume down, and i had to have one of the store employees show me what i was diong wrong.
The little buttons don’t work all that good for me, why i have trouble with these keys!

If the moto has bluetooth, try one of those ear pieces first before you go out and pick up a new phone.