Probationary periods

I visited a BB the other day that used probationary periods for its new members and was wondering if it would be good idea over here.

Say you used a period of 30 days or maybe posts. During that time new members can post in existing threads but cannot start a thread of their own. After the post count/time period has passed they either get full posting rights or get booted off.

What do you think? Is it possible with the board software? Is it even a good idea? I’m of the mind that it may help trap a few socks/trolls/jerks/drooling morons before they cause too much hassle.

There is no automated process for it, so we have to do it manually: keep track of new registrations, change their privileges after X amount of days/posts. And the socks/trolls/jerks/drooling morons could just register names and wait 30 days before being a PITA.

also one major draw on this site is the GQ forum, and I suspect that it’s not rare that some one registers **just so ** they can post a GQ .

which often is a good thing.

Yeah, if I’d had to wait 30 days after registration to post my GQ, I would not currently be a member.

And that applies to the Comments forums, too. I know I’ve seen several people say that they first joined the board through the “Comment on this column” link on a column they found either through the front page or a web search engine.

:smack: Okay, I didn’t think it through, it just struck me as a good idea.

Hey, no problem, we (generally) like hearing new ideas.

I’ve got a doozy by the way - what if we sliced the bread before we sold it!!! :smiley:

Bear in mind, too, that a lot of people just plain lurk for a long time before posting anything, including people who are going to cause trouble - often they’re just waiting for an opportune time. In a perfect world, new members would read the FAQ and not ask silly (to us) questions, but I’ll take this imperfect board any day.

30 days!?!? But I’m angry now!


Sliced bread? That’s crazy talk!