Needed: Post counts for Guests

Couldn’t decide if this should go here or the Pit, but I’m looking for civilized discussion.

If at all possible, I think those in the 30-day trial “Guest” period should be able to see their post counts.

I can think of no simpler way to help encourage new poster to consider shelling out money for the board than by having another Doper toss them a “Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Boards, NewbiePoster!” The only way this happens is by having the Dopers be able to notice that their post count is at “1”.

Since the switch, I have seen several threads started by Guests that meet with immediate rebuke. Only if the poster specifically mentions that this is their first post do they get the welcome from someone. I also notice that Dopers are more willing to forgive trespasses of decorum and accepted style for those they know are new.

Putting myself in their shoes, if I had 30 days to decide whether to shell out $14.95 to hang around, getting a nice welcome and some understanding would go a long way.

It’s good for business, and good for the tone of the board.


Well, since guest accounts last only 30 days, we’ll know that any guest is a newbie. We’ll adjust, I’m sure.

True enough. Perhaps its only an issue during these initial transition days, when it’s hard to tell whether a “Guest” is a newbie, or simply a doper of longer standing who decided not to pay, and is simply waiting for their membership to run out…

The join date is displayed for guests, and that’ll also show who newbies are. As Troy said, we’ll adjust.

As for older members who didn’t subscribe, I thought they’ve already lost their posting privileges - the 30-day trial started when the subscription plan was announced and ended with the expiration of the charter membership offer.

The number of posts still shows up in their profile, as well as location, etc.

The trial period for all the old members has run out. If you see someone who has guest as his/her status, you can be sure that s/he is someone who has signed up during the past 30 days. Besides which, guests still have their signup date displayed as month and year.

I didn’t see anyone reply to his point about the guests getting a nice welcome.

I guess this means the days of welcoming 1st posters to the board is gone. I think he has a good point!

alterego - You bespoke too soon.

scotandrsn - The gift granting fairy has sprinkled pixie dust on your wish and the guest post counts now appear! (Not sure if the guests themselves can see them, but us Charter Members can :cool: )

Hmm… Liooks like I done bespoke too soon.

I was seeing post counts of 1 for people like **Ignorance Is Bliss but I see now that the ones with counts who aren’t Chartered members are either non-chartered paid members or banned (presumably unpaid).

You can still find post counts by clicking on the name and then View Public Profile.
If you want to get somebody right away, you could stake out the “Welcome to our newest member” link on the board home page, click on their profile and wait for it to go from 0 to 1. (If you are really desperate for that Welcome Waggoner’s Rush.)