Problem: Book in one hand, Typing with the other

What’s the solution ?

I’m just typing in some notes (lots of notes, some 50,000 pages of notes, ok not 50,000 but lots). Handwriting cannot be picked up by scanner OCR software. “You talk - It types” software would find the words a bit too technical to comprehend. so both those options are out.

Now, how do i keep the (say) A4 size sheets of handwritten notes in front of me, at eye level, while not blocking my view of the monitor, and not folding onto itself and falling onto the floor, and allowing me to type peacefully and happily ever after…

is there a solution that i haven’t thought of ? any gizmo that holds the sheets of paper at eye level and at a decent distance ? and something that stays consistent after every turn of page ? right now every time i turn the page i just try to make the stupid notes sit quietly against the monitor, between the monitor and keyboard, and i continue to type…page after page… i’m sure there’s a simpler, better, solution…

anyone ?

and seeing that there are people in here asking how to keep people from looking into their houses, i thought my question had a higher Question Quotient[sup]TM[/sup]

Well, I’m not exactly clear from your post whether this is a “book” (i.e. a bound volume with non-removeable pages) or a collection of loose pages that you’re dealing with, but either way, there should be solutions available at your local stationery supply house.

For loose pages or pages that could be removed (such as loose-leaf), there are various clips, racks and hangers that sit on your desk or can be mounted on either side of your monitor. I keep one handy for just such purposes, sheet metal with some magnetic “buttons” that can keep several pages (10? 20?) at a time stuck in place. I have used this with a slim magazine (TV Guide-sized) with some success, as well, but if your original is dictionary-sized, it won’t do the job you had in mind.

For that, look for a “book rack” - I have a couple, and you’ll often find them in with kitchen supplies, to allow the harried housekeeper to keep the cookbook open at the “boeuf bourgignon” page while chopping and seasoning. They usually fold flat for storage, and have a couple of “prongs” at the bottom to hold the pages open at the appropriate position.

In a pinch, nail a thin (1/4" or less) piece of plywood to a base, and use large, sturdy “bulldog” or “butterfly” clips to clip your originals to the plywood. Page turning will be a little more tedious an operation, but the cost will be low. :slight_smile:

Look around for one of those cute little contraptions that, on one end, stick to the side of your monitor, & have a pivoting arm that extends out and has a clip and the end. You slip your notes under the clip and then they are suspended in mid-air at monitor height to the left (or right) of your monitor. Takes up no desk real estate whatsoever.

Have you thought about a one-handed keyboard?

There’s a couple: Maltron, & Bat lookup pretty quickly. Some use “chording”, ie: multi-key combos, while the Maltron has a strange layout of lots of keys.

You’d have to learn a new skill but it might payback in the long run.

I’m specifically asking about loose-pages, but i needed a more explanatory word for my title, so i used the word book in the title. ofcourse, my question would extend to hard-bound books, but i specifically need a loose-page solution at the present time.

aah, i get what you’re saying… reminds me of those thingies those music people use while reading notes or chords or whatever…

my local stationary store doesn’t have anything of the sort so i think i’ll make something from the junk i have lying around the house…and failing that i’ll go to a music store or something… i’ll also try those hard-cardboard type exam pads that hold the answer sheets in place… maybe that’ll stand better than loose-sheets.

I’ll pass the one-hand keyboard until after the war…

thanks for your suggestions… lemme know if you think up any more…

Also It’s odd. They used to have fullsize keyboard that could be switched into one-handed mode, but I don’t see it on their website now.