Recommend a desk book holder?

I need a desk book holder to keep books and misc hardcopy securely propped at eye level, so I can read and transcribe stuff into my PC.

My web search gives a bewildering variety of these gadgets and never having used one, I’m asking for advice and recommendations.

I’d prefer to not use screws or bolts to attach it to my desk or desk hutch. On the stand where hardcopy rests, I’ll need something to keep the book open to the desired page.

Any recommendations to help me narrow my search? I assume a key distinction is between a free-standing one, and one attached to desk or hutch using screws or clamps?

Thanks in advance–

No, the distinction is between a flimsy piece of crap that will either fall over or actually break and something sturdy enough to withstand being used.

I’ve used a lot of such things. Heck, I should design those things.

If what needs holding up are just thin pages, or a magazine/newspaper, you need something sturdy enough to remain upright on your desk without clamps and an ordinary clothespin or the like to secure the data.

Propping up books is a bit more problematic. You should be able to find a free standing one, but that’s an area where clamping starts to make more sense. The best ones I’ve seen for books are available at cooking supply stores, for propping up big old fashioned recipe books.

Look for one that will hold the heaviest data-source you plan to be using.

Avoid any intended to clamp onto a monitor, they’re trouble.

I still get good results with the old standby, the folding wire contraptions. Five dollars at any office supply store. They aren’t elegant, but they really do work.

Oh, weird…I ran across some of these just the other day while looking for a music stand. This type seems like it may be useful for you.

the folding wire is good for heavy books.

i’ve used copy holders that are on a balanced arm (like those spring held desk lamps) that could hold papers or a light book.

google recipe-book holders for another set of selections.