Another strange product request

The massive problem with the Internet is you need to know what the name of the product you are looking for. Typing “uh, a thing that like squeaks” into Google doesn’t quite do it.

Anyhoo, for those of you who helped me find Prince Ruperts’ Drops and a quincunx, I have another challenge. And I know it exists because I’ve seen it (once) before.

This time, I’m looking for a thing you put on your desk. It’s kind of a page holder, made of wood, that is adjustable from a lap desk style, to a page holder etc. The wood thing is about the size of a small briefcase all folded up, but can be extended/unfolded to have a “wingspan” of 3-4 feet. It looks like something that was ordered out of a catalog…but I have no idea. I saw it about 2 years ago, and it is not an antique item.

There’s a scene in Better Off Dead in the math class where the teacher asks to see the students’ homework. The first guy has a printer in a briefcase. The second student pulls out one of those expandable file thingys I think you speak of (although it appears to be made of metal). I don’t know what it’s called and I can’t put my hands on an office supplies catalog right now.

I think it’s a desktop bookholder. Try Levinger’s the “booklover’s source” – or somesuch motto.

Could it be some kind of portable lectern?

No, the other answers sound better really, but this gives me a chance to remark that as soon as I glanced at the thread title, I guessed without even trying to who had posted it. Sethdallob I’m sure when you are a wizened old character of 75, you will be running a marvellous antique/junk/objets trouves shop.

Aww, I have a reputation! :slight_smile:

I still do need to find those Prince Rupert’s Drops in a larger size…the one’s that I ordered are tiny tiny tiny.

Anyhow, I could probably open up that store now. I think Levinger might be correct, it sounds familiar. I’ll hunt around and see what pops up.

This sounded very familiar, so I did a Google and Ebay search, and nothing appeared…

And Celyn, my dear, it is not a portable lecturn. When folded up, it resembles a solid wood briefcase. IIRC, it could be adjusted to be used as a lecturn. To use a bad analogy, it was kind of a “swiss army knife” of wood.

I just wanted to give this one more try before I let it drop…

You want The Editor’s Desk isn’t exactly what you describe, but it might fit the bill.

Thats it! Thanks again to everyone!

I would have emailed this directly to Scarlett67, but there is no email address for her. :frowning:

You would have sent it to Scarlett67???

How about the guy who put her on the scent in the first place? Jeez!