Problem receiving emails

Today I found out someone can’t send me any emails. When they try, it comes back to them as “undeliverable.”

In fact, I am afraid it is possible that no one from that person’s domain is able to send me emails. I have been getting emails from that domain at the rate of five or six a day, until about four days ago–exactly when this person started having the problem–and during that time, I’ve received no other emails from that domain either.

I’m working on confirming whether this is in fact the case or not.

But in anticipation of the possibility that it is so, I am wondering, what could be causing this, and what could be a solution?

My own email address is through

The other domain in question is a university’s ***.edu domain. I’m fairly certain probably all these guys are using the Outlook program for their email, just in case that might be relevant.

ETA: Confirmed: Emails from the ***.edu are not reaching me.

You probably inadvertantly blocked the domain rather than the sender when you got a spam email earlier.

After posting the OP I double checked for that, and it is not the problem. These guys aren’t on my blocked list–in fact they’re on my “good” list.

Microsoft probably blocked their mail servers for sending spam. It’s something their IT needs to work out with MS.

It would probably help to know the exact error message they are seeing. “Undeliverable” covers a variety of situations, from “I can’t talk to my own mail server” to “my mail server can’t talk to your mail server” to “everything can talk just fine, but one of the servers is refusing to deliver the mail for some reason.”

I don’t have the details on that, but I have just learned from one person over there that their IT department says the problem is on their end, so that’s “good”…