Problem running Rialroad Tycon II on a Windows XP system

I dug out a copy of Railroad Tycoon II from my shelf and installed it on my current system (Windows XP Home Edition, Version 5.1, Service Pack 2 installed). When trying to run the game, an error message stating “Incorrect version of Windows - Sorry, WIndows NT not supported.” is displayed.

I googled around a bit and found a few forum posts which address this problem, mostly recommending the use of the compatibility mode, which I tried, without success.

Does anybody have any suggestions (e.g. patches released by the designers of the game) to fix it? What puzzles me are the facts that (1) I’m not using WIndows NT, and (2) I managed to run it on another WIn XP system without any trouble.

I’ve recently run the Gold Edition on my XP Pro system without technical difficulty (although the controls and screen scrolling are a lot worse than I remember, but I’ve been jaded by Civ IV).