Problem with Acrobat-Pro toolbar in Microsoft Mac apps

I did something with Acrobat-pro, and now in every MS app for Mac, a two-icon tool bar appears (for making PDFs). This is not a problem in itself, but…

  1. I want to put the toolbar in line with the basic toolbar that appears at the top. But every time I return to the app, the toolbar is in the same old place. There’s no way to lock these suckers in place?

  2. Barring that (no pun intended), since I don’t use the Acro toolbar that much, why not just turn it off. But every time it reappears–even if I turn it off under User Settings in Tools. Argh!

Any way to fix this? Thanks!

C’mon Mac experts, help me out!

Throw the file “PDFMakerLIB” into the trash. Next time you launch Acrobat, it’ll say it needs to fix something. That something is PDFMakerLib. Check the box that says “remember my selection” and tell it NOT to fix it.

It’ll never show up again. It bugs me too.

Will doing so prevent from ever using the Acro toolbars again? Or will it just prevent them from popping up when unwanted?

Never again.

Alternately, you could trash the plug-ins which add the toolbar to Office applications. Go to Applications/Microsoft Office/Office/Startup/Word and replace the file with a folder of the same name. You will be prompted whether you want to use the extension .dot for a folder; click Add. Do the same thing with the PDFMaker files in the PowerPoint and Excel folders.