Problem with Belkin Switch2 KVM switch

I bought this KVM:

Then I realized that it is intended for digital-only DVI (DVI-D), my VGA to DVI adaptors (DVI-I) do not fit because they have four extra prongs for the analog signal.

And another issue. I tried to use it only for switching the keyboard and mouse, and for some reason the remote control button that does the switching doesn’t work. Does the monitor have to be plugged in as well to work properly?

If you have a DVI digital signal available to run through the switch, a simple adapter should let you connect to it without carrying the analog pins too.

However, for reasons that continue to baffle, KVM switches all seem to have ways they malfunction and conditions under which they won’t work. I’ve had four, including two from Belkin, and none of them ever worked right. You’d think this would be something they could make work, but it’s not clear anybody has.

Thanks for the reply. I found out that there was no way to connect my analog monitor without the use of an analog to digital convertor.

So I returned the Belkin KVM and got this one made by e-quip. We used this same model at the computer repair shop I used to work and never had a problem. The one I got now was cheaper than the Belkin and has 4 ports. :smiley: