problem with finding smallest notable number

Many months ago, a thread was started on notable numbers, asking what the smallest notable number was. Someone came in and pointed out that was an impossibility, because that number would then be notable for its least notability. There was even a theory/theorum/etc. named after someone who had studied the concept pretty thoroughly. A quick search didn’t pull anything up. Anyone have any idea what the hell I’m talking about?

Many years ago perhaps?

It’s the notion of the smallest uninteresting number that creates a pseudo-paradox.

A variation of this is the Berry Paradox. “The smallest positive integer not definable in under sixty letters” (which has 57 letters).

A Google search shows no recentish mention of this by name, but Google searches of the board have been poor lately.

These are all examples of a self reference paradox. Another famous one is Russell’s Paradox in set theory.