Problem with Gmail?

My SO and I do not live together, but on occasion I have used his computer to access my Gmail account, making very sure that I don’t click the ‘remember me on this computer’ box for security’s sake etc etc.

Today he informed me that some (six out of a possible 300 or so) emails addressed to me had turned up in his inbox. Luckily they weren’t from my secret demon lover suggesting a tryst at the cemetary at midnight on Halloween. That would have really blown his mind. :smiley:

Any clues as to how this could happen? I have not ever sent emails from his computer (nor have I logged in under his so I am at a loss as to how to explain this strange phenomenon.

Damn…that username thingie was NOT meant to come up as a proper thingie. Don’t bother clicking on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

It could be something as simple as the sender having put your SO’s address in the copy field. Then your name, as the actual receiver, would be listed even in your SO’s inbox, and if it’s a blind carbon copy his address won’t be anywhere.

Were they sent by a friend, or someone who knows you both?

Perhaps they blind-cc’ed him, so that you’d both get the message? I don’t know why they’d deliberately blind cc him, but it’s easy enough to hit bcc rather than cc.

I have two accounts on gmail that I access from the same computer and have never had that problem. 'cept for the time when I sent the email while signed into the wrong one. Did you happen to do that?