Problem with MS Word for Mac 2008 version

Out of nowhere, the formatting has been altered on my word documents. Normally, single spaced lines look as they should. Now, a single spaced line document is double- or at least 1.5 spaces. It’s maddening. I’ve poked through every menu and can NOT find out why the formatting has changed. Obviously this is a real problem, documents are twice as long as they should be.

Any ideas as to where I go to fix this? It’s Word 2008 for Mac, version 12.0.0

Thanks !


Under the Styles palette, select “Modify Style” under “Normal”, use the “Format” tab at the bottom to select “paragraph,” and check to make sure that the default line spacing hasn’t gotten set to something higher than Single. Since most styles are based directly or otherwise off Normal, this can mess up everything.

Go to format >> paragraph and make sure that under “spacing” both “before” and “after” are set to 0 pt.

Beyond that, I believe one of the developers of Office for Mac is a doper. Maybe he (she?) will drop by with more pointers.

My response when I saw this title was, “Only one?” I gave up on trying to run Word and Excel on my Mac (the Mac versions, that is - I’d still run the PC versions on my Windows side). The programs just didn’t run right from Day One.

Same here. Both my wife and I have had great difficulty using both MS Word and Excel on a Mac. I mean, it’s almost maddening at time. We have better luck with Google Documents.

But, I do hope someone posts an answer as to why’s and how’s of Mac Word and Excel and why it does not behave the same.