Problem with my DVD drive

My DVD-Rom drive has recently decided to not let me watch video discs. CD-Roms, Audio CDs and DVD-Roms all work fine, but Video CDs and Video DVDs fail to even register in my computer - just says the drive is empty.

Anyone got any ideas?

Could be a laser misallignment. But I don’t know, sounds different to that.

What brand of DVD is it ? Have you played aroudn with reflashing the regions ?

You have looked for updated drivers and are using " NON BACKUP" DVD’s ?

What’s the difference between a “Video-DVD” and an ordinary DVD?

NB re Trader_of_shorts comments: Be extremely careful with anything to do with firmware flashing. I recently trashed a perfectly functional DVD/CDR combo drive while trying to flash it so I could switch regions more than 6 times.

Don’t mess with the firmware unless you can afford to buy a new drive.

I did have something that changed the region sometime ago, but it has definitely worked since then - I had actually forgotten I’d done this, so thanks for the reminder - i’ll check and see if this might be causing it - in any case, though, this wou;dn’t affect vidoe CDs, would it?

Atarian - by Video-DVD, I do mean normal DVD, I was just making a distinction between that and DVD-Rom (which works fine)

tech hat

YES YES YES … sorry i should have been more clear - i am not indicating you to flash anything - for the love of god and all the is holy DO NOT FLASH… It was a question because flashing can do some very strange stuff.

I think by Video DVD he meant VCD which where you legally burn your moviedo not read naythign nasty into this and copy it to CD’s - it was very popular last year due to thew lack of DVD burners.

The technology is different as is the software required to run it.

DIVX n other stuff, vcd

Thanks trader, I’m aware of the dangers of flashing. (the police frown on it for a start :D)

and as I said above, Video DVD means normal DVD. But Video CDs don’t work in the drive either

ShadowWarrior - I have never had much luck with VCD’d myself i’l running a standard OEM Panasonic DVD 52 on XP

ShadowWarrior, you didn’t say what drive you had This link may apply to you:

i don’t actually know the drive make - it was a while ago, so I can’t remember, and it’s not on the front. I think XP picks it up as a generic DVD.

I’m at work at the mo, so I can’t check it.