Problem with my television video

My screen (34" RCA tube television, about seven years old) suddenly stopped working entirely when I turned it on last night (well, that’s when I discovered it; it could have happened earlier, but since the TV wasn’t on, I couldn’t tell). I’ve swapped out every cable, running video directly in from the digital converter box or from the DVD directly, as well as from my amplifier unit. In every case, the audio works perfectly, and the video not at all. No snow, no static, no funny lines, just no picture. Typically when TV video goes bad, it gets stripes or snow or something; there’s nothing like this hear. The Menu setting on my TV continues to work fine, so the tube itself would appear to be fine.

This TV has been absolutely trouble free and had no problems prior to this. As I said, the sound is just fine. The screen doesn’t show an error, just blank, and as I said above, I’ve tried it from multiple input sources, and every method I could come up with, including both co-ax and RCA jacks cable.

What can I try? I like this TV and frankly can’t afford another, and they don’t usually die like this.

Er, that would be “Problem with my television video”


I hate to say it but it does sound like your television video is toasted. While it’s unlikely to work you might want to try to two things.

Make sure your switched line in video input is correctly selected (ie video 1 and video 2 on your on screen menu) relative to the line input you are using on the back.

Unplug the TV from the wall and let it sit for a 5 minutes then replug.

Tried the first, haven’t tried the second. I turned it off overnight, but didn’t unplug it. Thanks, astro!

How about trying to play a DVD and see if that works. If not, I’d also guess the picture tube itself has gone to that great TV Happy Hunting Ground in the sky.

The OP says he/she can see the menus, so it’s not the tube. The OP also tried a DVD. Which is what he/she wrote in the OP.

Oy!, it sounds like you’ve tried everything I would have tried. You’re probably out of luck. Sorry!

squeegee is correct about what I (she, btw) tried. I also tried astro’s suggestion, with no positive result.

I know this is GQ, so I hope you all will forgive me if I say:


Since you say you already have a digital converter box, you might find a good pre-digital TV that someone would be willing to sell cheap, or even give away, to you.

Yes, that’s my hope. Problem is getting this one out and a new one in. I live alone in a second story apartment.

This is assuming I can afford to buy anything at all. I have an old 19" set in my guest room, and I can watch DVDs on my computer. I may settle for that for a while.

Thanks to all for your help.

Walmart tube tvs are absurdly inexpensive. Might also try freecycle or craigslist. People are always dumping their tube tvs for flat screens.

Btw, I forgot to mention that the TV screen is white rather than dark. So the tube is definitely working.

There is no Goodwill thrift store in Trenton, NJ (nearest one appears to be about 34 miles away in Woodbury), but there is a Salvation Army on Broad Street.

My current TV is a 34" model that I picked up for 25 bucks.

Actually, there are several thrift stores in the area, and that’s a terrific idea, kaylasdad99! Let’s hope I can find another 34" set; I’ve been spoiled now.

Maybe I am misreading the OP’s problem, but did you rescan all channels after the DTV changeover? My HD OTA converter box lost all but 2 stations. Had to go into the menu and auto-reprogram.

jarjar, this problem occurs when I try to get feed from my DVD and VCR, even when I swapped the cables so that the feed went directly from DVD to TV, without the amplifier in between. The converter box is fine; my audio works perfectly from any source, as does the other television, in my guest room. Thanks for trying, though. :slight_smile: