Problem with speakers

Okay, i want to call someone long distance so i figure that using msn messenger would be a good way to save cash on in-state long distance.

Well, i try it out and whenever i call someone, i get feedbakc when i speak loudly and i get no sound form my speakers.

I think the feedback problem will be solved with an external mic. Internals suck a big one.

But what about my speakers? Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem?

okay, i get sound from my speakers, but it only sound from what goes into the mic on my puter. When someone talks on the phone, the sound never comes out of the speaker.

Try using headphones instead of speakers when using the PC as a phone. Also, if you are having trouble hearing AND talking, in the same conversation, try toggling the half duplex/full duplex setting in the audio setup.

Tried headphones…still no sound

Try starting the volume control panel (should be the little speaker icon in your system tray). Make sure “Wave Out” isn’t muted, and the volume is up. You should probably uncheck “microphone” or “line” to stop the microphone input from being sent out the speakers.


OKay, i chrcked all that, but still no go. When i speak inot the reciever, the sound bar by the wave balance rises, but no sound comes out of the speaker.