Problems at the movie Brothers?

Have there been any unusual reports of unrest at the movie Brothers? I was out at the movies tonight and every hall where Brothers was playing had a couple of security guards outside.

I haven’t heard of anything. Sometimes they put extra security in front of theaters that are showing R rated movies that kids are likely to try and sneak into. This doesn’t strike me as that sort of movie though…

I just got home from seeing Brothers (and Up In The Air and Everybody’s Fine and The Blind Side) and there weren’t any security guards at the doors when I went in. They were, however, checking tickets at the door to Up In The Air. Maybe it was a sneak prevention measure.

I haven’t heard anything about protests. I thought there might be something about PTSD groups or Vet groups protesting it or something. I think Tobey’s character is a very irrational vet and I could see some groups having issues with his portrayal of such a character. Just playing devil’s advocate, though. I don’t know of any protests.

PTSD or Vet groups wouldn’t protest the movie, not if they’ve seen it anyway. There’s more to the character’s experience as a soldier than just going over there and randomly seeing bad shit, even more to his experience of being a POW than just being held captive and tortured. He fully deserves his PTSD.

I had a lot of problems with this movie, but his freaking out after returning home from his captivity wasn’t one of them.