Problems printing from IE

OK, so I want to print a webpage. Problem is, it had too much stuff to fix on the screen horizontally, and had a horizontal scroll bar. Well, being the idiot I am, I didn’t print preview, and just printed, thinking that the printed pages would be centered, and all that would get cut off would be the useless margins that the webpage had. Nope, it printed being centered on the left side, and so a bit of the right side text got cut off. Damn. Well, I upped my screen resolution (from 800x600 to 1024x768) and now the webpage fits completly on my screen, no need for scrolling. However, the printer still prints the way it did before. Text the same size as before, and cutting off the right side.

Is ther a way to get the webpage to print smaller? Or to print the page so that it is centered, not aligned with the left side? FWIW, I’m using Win 2000, IE 6, and have an HP Laserjet 5 for a printer.

What if you change the orientation to landscape (File --> Page Setup --> Orientation --> Landscape)?

not sure if this helps, but if you’re not concerned with the formatting you can highlight a selection and just (right-click) print that. you can also get rid of the rather big margins under page setup.

Well, it’s a moot point now (I was trying to print off some instructions on how to mod an x-box.) I jsut followed the directions on the screen, which was a wee bit better anyways, since I had color.

But as far as reducing the marins in page setup, it wasn’t the margins of the printer that were the problem, it was the fact that the wenpage itself had a couple inches of blank white space on either side of the text and pictures. Crappy webpage design, is all.