Printing bleeding web pages.

-‘bleeding’ in the sense of the text spilling off the edge of the page (although the expletive sense might also be appropriate, as I do find this rather frustrating).

Using IE6 in XP (I don’t think the brand of printer or the version of driver matters, as this seems to happen everywhere), some (presumably the fact that some pages print OK, but not others, indicates some difference in the coding) web pages, although they display OK on the screen, print out with missing text from from the right side of the page. No amount of ‘fit to page’ jiggery pokery in any of the print/preview/page setup dialogs makes the slightest difference.

Is this a problem with other browsers? Is there a quick and easy fix for IE that I’ve just overlooked?

I’ve had some luck overcoming this problem by reducing the margins in the ‘page setup’ window. I believe I went from .75 inch margins on the left and right to .5 inches. Not sure why this wouldn’t work for you (since you say you have tried a lot of jiggering).

If there is an easier/default way around this, though, I’d love to know.

I change the margins as well in ‘Page Setup’.

Try changing your print orientation from portrait to landscape. In my setup, it’s file,print,properties,features.

That’s the workaround I normally choose, however, that means that a web page that is (more or less) portrait-shaped prints out across two landscape pages with broad white margin on the right.

What I don’t get is how the text wraps in pretty much any size window and it still wraps on the printed page, but it appears to be wrapping to a point outside of the printable area.

The text wrap is of course caused by the page coding and usually by people who don’t understand the full implication of the coding or software they are using. I imagine some pages are deliberating made that way, to discourage folks from printing the pages.

If you know some html, you can sometimes dink with the page code to format it so you can print it, but that may take longer than what its worth.