Problem printing web pages.

Sometimes if I attempt to print a web page with a sidebar, for some reason the text in the main window gets cut off on the right hand side. For instance, this one:

Anyone know how to print this out correctly? Thanks.

I used ‘Print Preview’ in Netscape 7, looks fine to me.

Did you look to the far right to see if any of the sentences were cut off? I’m using IE6; is it the browser that is formatting the printing?

I would recommend just copying all the text into MS Word or some other word processer, and then printing all the pictures and words separately. It uses more paper, but it’s easier.

Change the print orientation to “Landscape.” On my Win98 PC with an HP 772 DeskJet printer, on the main menubar I went to File, Print…, Properties, Features, Orientation and changed from “portrait” to “landscape.” You’ll use more paper, but you’ll get all your info.

Some sites have a button/icon on the page that says “Printer Friendly version.” Use that option if you ever run into it. Saves a lot of hassles.

Also, With most Netscapes you can use EDIT PAGE & then edit it to fit…

Anyone tried using CTRL+PRINT SCREEN?