Problems with Yahoo Mail

I have a few Yahoo mail accounts, including one I still read. It has forced me to switch to New Yahoo Mail; there was no option to retain Classic Yahoo. (Curiously, a different old Yahoo Mail account asks me to switch to New Mail but with a different page, that does have, in fine print, an option to retain Classic.)

Clicking on Yahoo Help leads to an implication that reverting to Classic is not an option.

Importing my Yahoo messages to a Gmail account would work for me. But when I try this from Gmail I get “Could not validate this combination of email address and password.” Clicking Help tells me this may be temporary and to try again. I do try again, but with the same results. Googling tells me that Yahoo is particularly unfriendly about supporting Export/Pop, but I would have thought that Gmail might emulate a human to fool Yahoo into thinking it’s just me reading my mail. :slight_smile: (I think I thought wrong.)

So my questions are:

  1. Why doesn’t Gmail Importing from Yahoo work?
  2. Is there, after all, a way to revert a Yahoo mail account to Classic?

Googled and found some solutions:

1.) Adjust your screen resolution so that it’s too low to support the new Yahoo! Mail. Go to your mailbox and you’ll receive a message that your screen resolution is too low to properly view the new Yahoo! Mail in. It’ll ask if you’d like to switch back to classic mode: You’ll now have the opportunity to set it as your new default - Don’t select to view it in classic mode “one time only.” Close the window and readjust your screen resolution to whatever you had it at before.

You’ll keep getting annoying update prompts for a while but ignore them and they should eventually go away.

2.) When you want to access your mail do so by using this link.

Solution #2 is easier I suppose but solution #1 is more or less permanent. Yahoo! seems to want people to use its new Mail so it’s disabled any official way of reverting.

Thank you! I tried #2 and it works. #1 looks like fun, but will have to wait till I’m in a not-busy experimental mood.
… And I do wish I had better Googling skill. :frowning:

The Yahoo account only has unimportant newsletters anyway; I’ve long since migrated mostly to Gmail which is much MUCH better. (And don’t get me started about the many obnoxiousisms Yahoo Mail has presented in the past.)

Thank you for #2! The new look was really annoying.

This solution looks good too, but I haven’t tried it yet since #2 worked: