Procrastinators Unite: Who filed their taxes yesterday (or today in Mass?)

Yep, filing today. Massachusetts residents got an extra day this year because of Patriots day on 4/15.

The kicker is I’m getting a huge refund. I mean, larger than my yearly bonus. Why wait until the last day? No good excuse, other than being terminally lazy and leaving everything to the last minute.

Anyone else?

I had to send a check, so I sent it yesterday. On the rare occasionas when I get a refund, I send it off early.

It’s a ritual… I start figuring my tax in pencil the evening before it’s due and ink it in the day it’s due. Last year my wife rushed out to mail the completed copy when I finished about 11:00 pm.

…can we get started on that next week instead?

I just sent my 1998 tax survey to Deloitte Touche. From that they will do my taxes. They should be filed by this summer. And all I had to do was sign it and return it to them.

When it comes to procrastination, I am your king. Bow to me, lowly ones.
On the other hand, I did finally mail the FairyChatMoose back to FairyChatMom today at lunch. I even put a little Swiss chocolate bar in there.

I filed for an extension yesterday. I’ll actually file sometime before August.

Suckers. I paid my taxes last year.

We waited until yesterday to file but that is because we owed a big chunk o’ cash to the feds and the state.

We filed yesterday.

No, excuse me. We TRIED to file yesterday, but just try to get through on those servers on April 15th. Ha. We were just going to mail our checks in, but instead I had to print off two extension forms and mail them WITH our checks. As soon as the #$%* TurboTax server will take it, they’ll be filed.

I sort of like going on the night of April 15th. It’s like a cool club you’re in. Plus we always park in back and walk our return to the box rather than wait in the long line of cars.

One year the guy was handing out lollipops as he took your return.

I telefiled my Fed. extension yesterday, it was kinda fun. I’m thinking of doing Turbotax online this week sometime… (I usually have a preparer but TT is cheaper) – anyone like it? From my estimations I am owed a substantial refund, both Fed and state.

I mailed mine today, but ran the postage off the meter at work yesterday :wink: Honestly, last year I mailed mine on the ninteenth I think and they didn’t notice. As I recall, the IRS has better things to do than check postmarks and, USPS being what it is, tax returns stagger in over a week or two period after the 15th.

Hmm. I filed second week of March. Guess I’ll just be on my way outta this thread.

whistles and wanders away

I filed yesterday, too. They owe me money, joy :slight_smile: I never filed the 1040 before and it scared me, so I waited until…3:30 yesterday.

ShibbOleth, you ain’t got nothing on me. I filed today 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. I never did do 1997, 1996, 1994, 1993, 1991, 1990, or 1986. I think I’m missing a few more in the 80s but I can’t remember for sure.

You may prostrate yourself in front of me and kiss my ring.

For the last few years I’ve been out of town working & filed extensions before midnight. This year was no exception. I usually owe something. :frowning:

I’m with Homebrew & Violet. The rookies, lightweights & short-ball hitters think of April 15th as the deadline. The serious procrastinators are familiar with Form 4868 and know it’s really Aug. 15th.

Me too, Magick…I filed back in February after all my W2’s arrived…but then I had to amend everything after realizing I had forgotten my withholdings from my disability checks…

…which meant that my refund got cut by $200 because what I got from disability put me into the next tax bracket! :rolleyes:

:whistles and wanders away:

I was, as I am every year, put in charge of filling out the tax returns for my entire immediate family, on account of being the only person familiar with the TurboTax program. Usually we’re done at least a week before deadline. This year, however, we weren’t completely done until April 14 late at night (which meant it got sent out on the 15th).

In particular, here were the problems we had:

  • One member, instead of handing me all the relevant forms (W-2, 1099-INT, etc.) wrote them in on a copy of an old 1040 form, thinking that everything I needed was on there. Not quite. Lots of time going back and entering new information.

  • She also wrote down some relevant information on scrap paper instead of handing me the original forms. Result: Misplaced numbers. Hours wasted hunting down and correcting these errors.

  • I didn’t even have all the information for the itemized deductions (especially charitable contributions) until April 11th.

  • Here’s the real kicker, though…in the past couple of years, we’d (well, not me, thank goodness) lost a total of $50,000 on a small-business investment. Which necessitated 1) Finding out exactly what our professional relationship to the proprietor was, 2) finding out exactly how much we could deduct, and when, and, 3) finding out how to apply the 2000 loss to a 2001 return. Hard enough in itself; much harder considering that the proprietor never bothered to give us a K-1 form that year, and our main investor was such good buddies from him that he never insisted on getting one. With the end result that I had to enter …yes…a bunch of numbers scrawled on scratch paper.
    Looking back on it, it’s actually pretty remarkable that we didn’t need an extension.