product seen in the movie "Clerks II" - real or sight gag?

While watching Clerks II, there is a scene where the characters are setting up for breakfast in the fast food restaurant they work at. One of the guys opens a can, dumps the contents which is a solid cylinder, white around the outside and yellow at the core and starts slicing it. It is essentially canned eggs, that appear as a real egg might if cooked in a ring. No mention is made of the canned egg, there is a converstation going on and the prep is just sort of window dressing.

I’ve always wondered if such a product really exists, or was it just a well played sight gag. It sure as hell caught my attention.


Just spoke to a former McD’s assistant manager.

Two types of eggs… the “folded” variety resembles scrambled eggs. They are real eggs poured from a container and cooked & folded on-site.

The egg mcmuffin variety (like you see in Clerks 2) required the use of real, fresh eggs. The cook cracks the egg, pours into a mold, and cooks it.

When I worked for a US fast food restaurant (not McD’s) and we had sliced boiled eggs on our salads, they basically came in a tube like the one in this link.

I’ve seen those in cafeterias, but never in a fast food restaurant. They’re really only good as garnish.

The leading brand name is (was?) Gourmegg. (Or Gourm-Egg)

It’s been around for decades, actually - I first saw the things 25 years ago. It was developed in 1968 by Ralston Purina :eek: and soon became the darling of cheap salad bars across the world.

I don’t know if the product is off the US market entirely or if it’s just under a different name.

Molded eggs in the news

gourm egg

Gourm Egg isn’t quite the Clerks II product, though, since it’s “boiled egg” meant as a salad topper.

That Clerks product is meant to simulate a ring-poached egg (I know there’s a real name for that, but it’s escaping me). I also think the implication of the Clerks product was that no eggs were actually involved.

So it’s not total fiction, but, thankfully, not quite as hideous.

What else looks like egg? Tapioca is too lumpy, and pudding costs more than eggs.

ugh… makes me never want to eat eggs at a restaurant again.

I never understood the hate for the Gourmegg. They’re just hardboiled eggs made in a tube instead of an eggshell.

I recall reading on the production of the Egg McMuffin that its simply (at least, when it was created) an egg dropped into a special “mold” which is placed on the griddle. If anything, I would guess that the “egg roll” shown in the movie would be pricier on a sandwich-by-sanwich basis than simply tossing a real egg into a metal mold.

I worked at McD’s as a student. You’re exactly the right, with the addition of there being a little reservoir for water which is shared between the eggs. Ours could do six eggs at a time.

mmm…egg log samitches :cool:

Been around long time, real eggs separated cooked and re-formed. Some additives.
Pre-sliced for large venues like Airline food preps, Disney, Epcot, Joe’s Roach Coach ect…
Made especially for a pre-prepared packaged salad when normal eggs are too inconvenient or too un-uniform to make otherwise, less waste.

Not any different than any other Log emulsion product, like Headcheese, liverwurst, mechanically separated chicken parts.

Long time ago I could swear McD’s used to use it for the Mcmuffins, because they looked sliced and not cooked all around like a fried egg.

No one who loves laws or fast-food breakfasts should ever watch either being made. If there’s any way to convert a humanly edible organic substance into a cheaper, more convenient imitation of traditional food, the food industry has discovered it.

The writing on the label in that picture says “Boil Egg,” by the way.