Product Warrantee disclaimer WTF???

A client just got a couple of new Tektronix O-scopes and optional hardcases for use as shipping containers for offsite testing (the scopes themselves fit into soft cases which fit into foam inserts in the hard cases). The hardcases are made by a company called Pelican. They have pressure relief vents, are otherwise airtight, and are very rugged.

The cases come in cardboard shipping boxes with a printed guarantee on the side of the cardboard. Paraphrased last line, in bold: Warrantee does not cover sharkbite, bear attack, and children under 5 years old. :confused:

WTF?? Are the fine folks at Pelican implying that the aggression and subsequent destructive capability of children under 5 years old is of the magnitude of hungry sharks and enraged bears? :eek:

You don’t have kids, do you.


[foghorn leghorn voice]
I say that’s a joke son, a real knee-slapper!

Never mind the warning, why do they ship a shipping container in a box? And how do they ship those boxes??

When Pelican first started building case the warranty disclaimer was

Guaranteed against everything except
[li]Shark Attack[/li][li]Falling space debris[/li][li]Children under 5 years old[/li][/ul]
It will help if you understand that these case came out about the same time as the Skylab fell out of the sky, and the Jaws movies were popular. The small children was just to cover their ass from going out of business. :wink:
They are trying to get across that their cases are pretty much bullet proof. I have owned one for over 25 years, and I can attest to this fact.

Read my mind.