Professional Audio question (Shotgun microphone)

So i recently purchased this (cheaper) microphone from a store on Ebay.

I didnt read close enough, turns out that instead of XLR it uses a 1/8" into 2 1/4" jacks, a left and right.

My camera that i will be attaching to only has XLR input. Is there any adapter that is 1/4" to XLR (through my searches i can only find XLR to 1/4")

And even if there is, will i still have stereo audio?

Just lop off the end and solder on an XLR.

Is the connector on the mic a female 1/8" stereo jack, with the cable having an 1/8" plug that can be removed from the mic? Is the camera connector a male 5-pin mini XLR?

Female 1/8 on the microphone, female XLR on the connector.

I’m confused. Is it a stereo mic? Is the output balanced or unbalanced? You can adapt anything to anything, pretty much, with a soldering iron and a line on Neutrik connectors, but what’s best to do depends on what you’re starting with and where you’re going with it.

Stereo and balanced.

that sounds unbalanced

Hence my confusion.

5-pin XLR?

If I’m reading all this right - the mic has two plugs - left and right, and the plugs are 1/4" phone. The camera has a pair of standard 3-pin XLR jacks. Right?

The quickest way to go may be to buy a pair of these and either get a pair of 1/4" to 1/4" connectors or change the phone plug to a phone jack.

There are also transformersto let you go unbalanced to balanced. About 99% of the time, a non-transformer connection like the cable linked above will work fine - IIRC, they run the “hot” tip of the phone plug to pin 2 of the XLR connector, and the phone plug’s shield is tied to pin 1. Every so often, you may find a mic or mixer that doesn’t like this and rewards you with really low levels or hum. Or both.