Professional hair styles for curly hair

Help! I have tried myriads of things but none of them look really good. One of the problems is, I have a round face, so if I put it all up, it looks terrible. So I’m looking for something like a braid, maybe? French Twists don’t look good. Buns look great from the back and not so good from the front. I can’t French braid myself.

Right now my hair drops to my bra strap in the back. Also I am trying to grow out my bangs but they are at that awkward stage and drive me batty.

Ideas? I hope to have several interviews coming up as I’m job-hunting.

I won’t be able to check back until 10 AM or so, but I appreciate all your help!

How curly are we talking? I don’t remember seeing your picture in the doper photo threads, so I’ll wing it: pulled back in a low pony tail is acceptable, as is a bun. If you’re hair is no super curly, just a few bobby pins should keep it set well enough. You could also try for more ideas.

I know you won’t like this idea but several curly haired women I know thing that Ouidad, here in the city, is worth it. They will cut and style your curly hair and it will kick ass.

I don’t know what Ouidad is. But um, 3 hours is a LONG way to go to style my hair. You are talking to a woman who resents deeply the fact that my haircuts run around $20 when my SO’s are only $14 with tip.

My hair is medium curly at this length - the bangs and bottom are very curly but the middle turns out to be more of a loose curl. So a low ponytail?

Thanks for the site, I will try it more. Unfortunately all those pics are of women who probably have 10 hairdressers, where I have only me! But I’m looking at the hairstyles guide now.

I don’t think it needs to be up to be professional, as long as it’s not hanging in your face, and looks neat and styled.

I finally got a great haircut for my hair, which hovers between wavy and curly. Long layers (the shortest, top layer is probably 4 inches) bring out the curl and make it look like I’ve made an effort. Drying with a diffuser that has those little “fingers” enhances curl while fighting frizz, by holding the curls together while the air flows over them.

As for accessories, I’d go with a hairband or with pulling back just the front into a clip at the crown of your head. You can experiment with different amounts of hair, from just the bangs area to about half your hair (these also require different size clips).

Ulta seems like a good place to find pretty hair accessories that don’t look like they’re made for girls under 18.

Ouidad Curly haired women I know say it is well worth it.

I have medium wavy/curly hair. I find that in order to make it look smoother and neater, it’s best if I gel my hair and then put it in a ponytail while it’s still wet. (I like a side part, but you can experiment to see what’s best for you. You might want to just pull it straight back behind your bangs.) Because it’s pulled taught and dries like that, the top stays pretty smooth and flat, and the bottom is wavier. It looks pretty neat, and lends itself to wearing my hair down, in a ponytail, or in a half-ponytail. A banana clip at the back of your head (like this one, which you can easily find in the supermarket or drug store) makes for a fuller, more interesting-looking ponytail style.

One of my best friends has very cury long hair - tight tight curls - and she tends to wear her hair up in a little clip in the back. Kind of like a twist and it looks very cute and professional. She does it wet so that it doesn’t get a bit frizzy and just twists it, puts in the clip, and she’s ready to go!

If you do a twist like that with a lot of hair coming out of the top of the clip and down the sides of the twist, it’s soft enought that the roundness of your face shouldn’t be an issue.

I made an album of several past curly styles I’ve had, for Promethea when she had a similar question, here.

If you can find Promethea’s thread, it had a lot of good ideas in it too.

Will you consider cutting it? I love curly hair that is done in long layers. Prolly 3 inches off the bottom and then your shortest layer maybe a third the length of your hair.

Afro power.

Wash, add curling agent, like mousse Long bangs, layers around face, ironed straight
Cyn, who hated her hair until she was 35…